Part Time Writer. Full Time Reader. Never Before Blogger

When I was a kid, I was one of those hide under the covers with a book and a flashlight kind of kids they show in movies and quaint little pictures- except for the blanket and the flashlight part. But I would stay up and read way past my bedtime, and as long as my door was closed and I was actually in bed, my parents were cool with that. It’s a habit I still hold close to my heart.
This much reading leads to thinking about books, and talking about books, and maybe, occasionally, talking to my books. I’ve decided that instead of/in addition to talking to fictional characters, I’ll put my thoughts out into the ether. Best laid plans mean a couple posts of month – reality will probably be a bit more sporadic than that. Not every book deserves a review. But those I want to talk about will get one.
The genres will vary depending on my mood, but there’ll be a bunch of YA. And I guess this is my blog.


Stay Weird

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