The Coming of the Wallace

Today I did something I’ve never done before. I read a draft of a manuscript that’s on its way to an actual publishing company. A book that’s been bought, with contracts and the lot.
This is not my book (I’ll get there), but that of my friend Jessica Wallace. The book, a story of a woman lost in her own life, is going to be called Meet You There.
At this point, my function in reading the draft was simply to find any outstanding continuity errors and help with the drafting of the back blurb, not to write a review. However, what I read was excellent. It’s a book I would recommend.
Now, the business of publishing is a long one and this book won’t hit the shelves until sometime next year, but when it does (or when I get my hands on an ARC copy) I’ll be reviewing it and buying it and recommending it and all that stuff.
There’s something so delightful about watching the important people in your life succeed.



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