It’s Not a Romance. It’s a Couple Stupid Kids.


It’s Valentine’s Day, so list of the best romantic thingys are spewing out all over the interwebs. As always, Buzzfeed has created one I can get behind. . There are some great inclusions on this list – namely Romeo and Juliet – Can we please, please stop convincing our teens to look to them as the most romantic couple ever? And, if we finally do that, let’s steer them far, far away from Edward and Bella – hello, abusive relationship anyone? Bella and Jacob are not the better choice. And let’s not blame the actors – these problems are wholey the responsibility of Meyers (and yes, I’ve read all the books – more than once. Sometimes, awful things can also be enjoyable).

I don’t neccessarily agree with everything on the Buzzfeed list – partially because I’m not familiar with all of the couples – but’s pretty good. It’s also triggered my book interest gene and got me thinking – who are my fave/despised fictional couples? I could sit back and think about my literary examples, but TV is easier. That being said, here’s my much shorter list:

Best Couple that We Never Got to Experience (and comes from a book!)
Neville and Luna
Harry Potter
Misunderstood and totally bad ass, in the most peculiar ways. These are two of my favourite literary characters.
neville and luna

Best I’ll Do Anything for You but Will Never Admit It Couple
Brian and Justin
Queer as Folk (American Version)
Whether they were together, separated, screwing around, trying to get married, or hospitalized, you always knew they’d eventually find each other again. They are the epitomy of the whole ‘if you love something set it free’ concept. Also – hotties.
brian and justin

Most Complicated Couple
It’s a Tie!

Mal and Inara
Firefly (Not Serenity – It didn’t read the same in the movie. I don’t know why)
If you never let business and pleasure mix, you get some crazy good chemistry – that still has fans going crazy over a decade later.

Veronica and Logan
Veronica Mars (Hey – look at that. The two most complicated couples come from tv shows cancelled before their time whose fans eventually prompted a movie. We are amazing fans!)
I love these two together. I adore Logan. I adore Veronica. But man, they bring out the worst in each other! Both end up acting out of jealousy more often than not.

I Cheered When They Broke Up Couple
Veronica and Duncan
Veronica Mars – Yup, again
Insipid, awful, teenage romance. About as appealing as VD (disease/day you choose). Note the couples initials.

I Know I’m Supposed to Love Them, But…
Buffy and Angel
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Come on guys, they never would have worked, what with all the brooding and whining and pesky curses. Angel can do better.

I could go on for a while, but I won’t.

Who are some of your stand out fictional couples?


4 thoughts on “It’s Not a Romance. It’s a Couple Stupid Kids.

  1. I agree with everything in this post! This is why our pop culture conversations are awesome! And Veronica Mars references on the day that we found out when the movie is showing…priceless!

  2. Even though Romeo and Juliet is my favorite work of Shakespeare’s, I agree with the general sentiment of this post in terms of really examining why we like the romance we do. Also, I found this post through searching the Queer as Folk tag – glad to find another fan!

    • I love the way Romeo and Juliet is written, but I really can’t stand the story. My favourite Shakespeare is The Tempest. It has such great sensory moments.
      I adore Queer as Folk! Fan solidarity!

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