Awkward Charm or Uber Creepy?


I came across this post on Facebook the other day and initially thought ‘what an amazing idea’! Someone notices what I’m interested in reading and buys the book for me? That’s going to get you so much further than buying me a drink.
Then, while suffering a bout of insomnia last night, I started thinking about the actual logistics. I pick up a lot of books in the bookstore. I’m slightly interested in actually buying about a third of those. Seriously interested in about half of those. So, this person comes up and starts talking and  it happens to be when I pick up a book I want? And then offers to take the book and buy it for me?
Do I follow them to the till? Do they take the book and then come find me while I continue to hang out? And then I take my other books and go through the till while they wait for me? Have we gotten to the stage where we go through the till together? Is that to familiar? Then what? Is that it? In a bar, you’re meant to hang around and chat and get to know each other. You send a server to bring you the thing you want and keep talking. This book buying thing seems a little awkward, but then hey, so am I.


Maybe the awkwardness is part of the charm. It usually is. But I’ve seen to many episodes of Criminal Minds and awkward charm suddenly seems like creepy stalker behavior. You’ve followed me around the bookstore? And now you want me to what, come with you? No thanks.
And what if I didn’t want the book I picked up when they wondered over? What of it was their favorite book? Does that end the conversation? Do they follow me around until I find a book I actually want to buy? That seems even creepier. I have no idea how but I’ve somehow fallen into a Wonderland like tunnel of ways this could go terribly wrong.
It’s entirely possible I’ve put too much thought into this, but that’s what happens when you can’t sleep.  Thoughts?


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