Start Them Young

One of my favorite things from my childhood is how much my parents loved reading. They started us so young. There was never a time when reading was not part of our regular routine. I will be forever grateful to them for making books a party of my life.

When I was in elementary school, we moved to a town I entered up hating. But, my room had built-in bookshelves running along an entire wall. It’s the best bedroom I’ve ever had. We moved a lot, so I didn’t get to keep it long.

In one of my brother’s rooms, there was an under the stairs cubby where we stored the extra books that would fit in the bookcases. I’d crawl in from time to time and dig until I found a treasure to read.

We had so many books! It’s something we’ve all adopted. 


I’m held in check only by spacing allowances.

Last year, I stumbled across this book called The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessman by William Joyce.


If this book had been in my life as a child, it would have stuck with me forever. It’s all about loving your books and how, if you embrace them, they can take you anywhere. And the illustrations are gorgeous.



If you have young children in your life, and you want to share the love of reading with them, make sure this is part of their collection.


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