Getting to Know Me

Since I’m in the middle of a bunch of books right now, I thought I’d fill the gap with another questionnaire from Jodie.

This one’s a series of topics with three quick answers. It’s a way for writers to get to know each other better at a glance. I know who I am as a fiction writer, but as a new blogger, I’m hoping this might also help me get to know who am in that respect.

So, here we go:

Three Random Things about Me:
1. I’m Canadian
2. Petrichor is both my favourite word and smell
3. Molasses is delicious

Three Things That Freak You Out:
1. Parkades
2. Things that fly at your face
3. The underside of leatherleaf

Three Everyday Essentials:
1. My phone (I hate how true this is)
2. A book
3. My inhaler and allergy meds (does it get any nerdier)

Three Favourite Hobbies
1. Writing
2. Knitting
3. Not cleaning my house – that’s a hobby, right?

Three Careers You’ve Considered/Are Considering:
1. Author
2. Facilitator
3. Acquisitions Agent

Three Books You’ve Read Recently:
1. I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling with Villains – Chuck Klosterman
2. Delirium – Lauren Oliver
3. Code name Verity – Elizabeth Wein (currently reading)

Three Things You’re Working on Writing Wise:
1. Total edit of Desperately Waiting (a YA LGBT love story) to prepare for submissions
2. Trying to find other local YA writers to start a writing group
3. Contemplating starting a second blog for my fiction

Three Things to Do Before You Die:
1. Publish a book
2. Stop working just to pay the bills
3. Move back to a place near the ocean

Three Celeb Crushes:
1. Nathan Fillion
2. Kristen Bell
3. Hawksley Workman

Three Quotes:
1. “Doesn’t it strike you as strange that we have a letter in the alphabet that nobody uses? It represents one-twenty-sixth of the possibility of our language, and we let it languish. If you and I really, truly wanted to change the world, we’d invent more words that started with x.” – David Levithan
2. “She said that if she knew what was going to happen in a book, she would be too bored to write it.” – From the foreword to The Westing Game
3. “Poets seem to write more easily about love than prose writers. For a start, they own that flexible ‘I’…. Then again, poets seem able to turn bad love – selfish, shitty love – into good love poetry. Prose writers lack this power of admirable, dishonest transformation. We can only turn bad love into prose about bad love. So we are envious (and slightly distrustful) when poets talk to us of love.” – Julian Barnes


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