Guilty Pleasure, Shmilty Pleasure

In the book IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas, Chuck Klosterman addresses the concept of the ‘guilty pleasure’. We’ve all got them. You know that thing you hate to admit you love because it might make you look exceptionally uncool? Yeah, I’ve got them. You’ve got them. They’re evidence that we live up to that onion metaphor. But Klosterman suggests something entirely different– You should never feel guilty about something that gives you pleasure (you know, in that lighthearted, doesn’t involve crazy law breaking or hurting other people, etc, etc, etc kind of happy).

Should I feel bad that I’m a grown ass woman and I still regularly watch Degrassi? Hell no. I am proud of my love of all things Degrassi.

My love of KD? Nope, no guilt.
My driving need to collect all the V.C. Andrews books published between 1979 – 1996? Maybe, just maybe. I should feel guilty about that one.
These are not good books. They are the Twilight of their time. Horrible relationships. Forbidden love. Barely veiled abuse. And yet, I still love them. Dawn (from The Cutler Series) is the first book I remember staying up all night to read. Wrapped up in my blankets, reading through the sleep until I’d gotten that second, third, fourth wind. Scandalizing content! There was sex, guys. Sex. With a main character that was my age. My junior high self could barely stand it.

As I’ve aged, I’ve maintained a little place in my heart for Andrews’ stuff (not the newer stuff, it’s just not the same – yes, I know she died a long time ago, but there came a point that they just weren’t ‘good’ anymore). I even love the original movie version of Flowers in the Attic. It’s awsful (honestly, the more I think about it the more this explains why I actually found a cheesy love of the Twilight crapstravaganza). So, when Lifetime announced the revamp of Flowers in the Attic, I was stoked. I haven’t actually watched it yet, but I’ve heard exactly the right kind of feedback.

Then yesterday, I stumbled across this announcement. They’re doing movies for the rest of the Dollanganger Series? That’s pretty rad. They’re doing My Sweet Audrina! Amazing! This is the news that made my March. I mean it. That was my favourite of the books. It’s the only stand-alone under the Andrews’ umbrella, and it benefits from that. I read it dozens of times. It’s one of the few I’m missing, and I haven’t been able to locate it in my scouring of used book stores. Is there a better indicator that people love a book than that it remains in a collection? I think not.

I was recently complaining that Hollywood is actively trying to ruin my childhood (yes, I’m talking to you Jem Movie announcement), but this announcement gives me hope. As long as they’re as trashy and fluffy as the original books, they will be perfect. While wandering around the internet, looking for pictures for this post, I found the ‘Read the Good Trash Movement’.
It’s a few years old now, but I love this idea. I might just decide to take this up next year. Would you participate? I think you should.


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure, Shmilty Pleasure

  1. They’re making My Sweet Audrina into a movie?! I think this just made my day. Like you, that was my favourite V.C. Andrews novel. And I just checked my bookshelves and I still have my copy (along with the Dollanganger series and the Cutler series)! And FYI, you can buy the Flowers in the Attic movie on iTunes and Amazon for $4.99. If we do find a time to get together this month, we should totally buy that and watch it!

    • I still need the Cutler Series! And Audrina (obviously). I don’t know why I was surprised that you had these books. We should definitely have a viewing party!

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