The E-Book Debate

How do you prefer your books? Actually paper and spine? Ebook? Audiobook? Does it matter?


I utilize all all of these types, and they all have their pros and cons. But, if I’m totally honest, I really prefer paper. I actually find them easier to hold than e-books. And e-books on a tablet/phone device are a 100% no go.
But I do love the ease of e-readers when traveling. You can prop that shit up on the tray table on the plane and read hands free.
And, when you finish your book, you’ve got a whole library to choose from. I’ve had days when my purse was to heavy to carry because it’s got two books in it – the one I’m almost done and the one to start when that happens. I can’t ride the bus without something to clearly indicate that I want to talk to no one! My e-reader solved this problem.
However, I never sit at home reading an e-book. It just doesn’t happen.


Today, I had to sit down with my mom and show her how to use her reader because “it’s broken and never works properly”. I don’t know what your mom is like, but mine is awful with technology. I recently showed her how to text with her new smartphone. Everything. Now. Reads. Like. This. It’s. Robot. Voice. Mom. I love my mom, but sometimes I want to take her electronics away.
Now, she wasn’t entirely wrong about the reader. It was super slow. My sister had loaded her up with a bunch of books a couple weeks ago and the 1100 books had loaded three times. And 60% of them were sci-fi, which the mom hates. So, after hours of cleaning up mom’s e-reader, I’m currently having a hate on for all books electronic.
Give me paper! Please!


Stay Weird

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