Throwback Thursdays – Sleepover Friends

I’ve decided to start giving Throwback Thursday the respect it deserves. So, from now on, Thursdays will be the day that I pull out books from my past and share my memories.

Today, we’re going way back in the vault, back beneath layers of dust and cassette tapes, all the way to 1987. Here we find The Sleepover Friends by Susan Saunders.

Riding the wave of The Baby-Sitters Club, this is a book about four female friends who regularly get together for a weekly pre-determined visit. Unlike the BSC, these girls aren’t entrepreneurs. They aren’t about making money. They are having sleepovers. It is glorious.

Every Friday, Stephanie, Lauren, Kate, and Patti get together at one of their homes for sleepover shenanigans. And by that, I mean gossiping, some adventures with hair dye, talking about boys, and in one exciting adventure – starring in a music video. Or something like that, it’s been a long damn time since I read these. But my friends and I loved these books and even tried to start our own club. I think it lasted a couple weeks and then kind of petered out.

These weren’t books about big life experiences. There were no super dramatic events. Everything was resolved by the end of each book. There was even less drama than in your typical BSC book, and no super mega editions. There were a wave of these BSC spin off books – The Saddle Club was a more popular one (I think that’s what it was called), but I’ve never liked horses. I always liked sleep overs.

I still have one of the SOF books on my bookshelf. I don’t know why I keep it. I’ll never read it again. But every time I look at it, I smile.

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