Shameless Self Promotion – It’s a Thing

Today’s post had nothing to do with books, or at least not the ones you can actually buy. Today is all about shameless self promotion. Apparently, this is a thing you’re supposed to do when you’re an author – published or not.

I fit into the not category. But while I work on changing that, I continue to write and edit the stuff I’ve written before. So, I’ve started a blog for my writing. It’s mostly young/new adult, coming of age stories. And yes, they all contain a dash of romance.

You should check it out; you can find the blog here, or by clicking the ‘Sometimes I Write Stuff’ link over there on the side of the page. See it? I’m sure you do.

Right now, I’m reviewing all the stuff I have written and will be posting chapters at randomly sporadic intervals. Maybe some of you will read them, enjoy them, and influence the universe.




Stay Weird

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