Throwback Thursday – Fear Street (@RL_Stine)

It’s once again time for Throwback Thursday! In honour of his appearance at next week’s Calgary Comic Expo (which I am totally stoked about), today I’m talking about R.L. Stine. Not the little kid haunted camera Goosebumps Stine, but the I’m totally okay with killing your children Fear Street Stine. I was 13/14 when I was reading these books. I was just discovering my love of scary stories. Christopher Pike, John Saul, R.L Stine, I read them all – I tried a couple Stephen King books, but I’ve never really liked them. But Stine often had me chewing my thumb and jumping at every noise – and since we were living in an old converted church at the time, there were loads of creaking, spooky noises.

The Fear Street Saga Trilogy really stuck out as the best of the Fear Street books. They were some of the first historical novels I ever read, and while I’m not a current lover of period pieces, these made me think I might be. The stories travel into the past to explain the origins of the Fear Street curse. There’s fire, there’s murder, there’s young love, there are people burning to death… it doesn’t get any better for a young teen.

Admittedly, I have never reread these. They might actually be awful. But, I choose to remember them with the fondness of that first reading. And my odd attraction to the second cover and that damned choker. Every 90’s girl gets the love of a good choker.

Thanks Mr. Stine. Maybe I’ll stop by next weekend and pass along my thanks in person.



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