The Sun Shines on the Nerdy

Finally! The weather yesterday was awful. Minus whatever degrees, but the worst part was the snow. It snowed all day.


(This was in the evening from our hotel room – it was the nicest it had been all day)

We stood outside for over an hour in that crap weather, waiting to get in the expo. So we were soaked for most of the day. Good thing there were other things to make up for it (See yesterday’s post). But today, it looks like this.


When it’s sunny, these guys seem less scary.


And this guy is always adorable


John Ratzenberger just explained that Cliff Claven only existed because he bombed his audition for the show and suggested the character to save his dignity.


I just finished the Felicia Day panel and I have to say, that is a woman I can relate to. I thought she was cool before; now I want to be her friend. She is so passionate about what she does and about not letting people antagonize her. She speaks out against false fans and those people who only follow celebs for their looks. She doesn’t reward bad behaviour. It’s amazing to see someone use this platform to do more than talk about their work.


Stay Weird

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