Throwback Thursday – Hugga Bunch

Today, we’re wandering back to one of those childhood memories that’s associated with books, dolls, movies, and all types of meal paraphernalia: The Hugga Bunch! They live in Huggaland. They travel through mirrors when people hug and shoot sparkles when they get a real hug. Their names are Huggins and Hugsy – and well, you get the picture. I think they started as dolls – big one that came with a smaller one that it, yup, hugged. These were not deep issue dolls. They just loved hugs.


There were some books – I’m sure we had a couple of these hanging around the house with two little girls. I’m sure there was probably a cartoon. But what I remember the most about these odd little dolls was their “live action” movie. These were hugely popular in the mid 80s. Fabric toys suddenly came to life and interacted with real kids. Then you waited, furiously certain your own dolls would do the same thing and when they didn’t… what a dud!


But back to the movie. I went searching for a video clip (which I found here) and it started with the quintessential movie opening for a child of the 80s. Children’s Video Library!


I remember this music so fondly. The second it started, my heart warmed. If you were watching something at school and this music started, you knew it was going to be awesome – and take the entire class.


You don’t get to see the creep factor in this first clip, so here’s one that actually includes Huggins coming through a mirror, walking on her own, and getting jammed in the washer. Good times. And is that a front loading washer… did those exist in ‘85? Have we been lied to by the home appliance industry!!
The best part of this clip is the introduction of the bookworm – my favourite part of the movie. He’s rad.


I remember these dolls being more my sister’s thing than mine. The years don’t really collate with those memories, but I’m positive I’m right…



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