Top Ten Tuesday – Crime Dramas

There are a lot of great crime drama novels. There are also a lot of awful ones, so that might be another list.
But there are too many good ones to narrow it down to ten, but I’ve tried. I’m sure I’m missing many. Several will probably haunt me for their lack of position on the list.
As usual, in no particular order:

Birthdays for the Dead – Stuart McBride


Crime novels are dark by nature, but this one is very, very dark. It never lets up on the reader. Ever.

Dark Places – Gillian Flynn


Another very dark story. Like any good mystery protagonist, you both feel for, and can’t understand the actions of, the main character.

The Bone House – Brian Freeman


Just one of Freeman’s excellent crime novels. Dead teens, sketchy people, fire. It’s got everything it needs. And it’s a stand alone.

The Body Farm – Patricia Cornwall


Cornwall’s writing has lost a lot of its spark over the last decade , but the early Scarpetta novels were excellent. This was where I learned about the actual body farm in Virginia. If only I’d been better at biology, I’d have a different career.

The Keeper of Lost Causes – Jussi Adler-Olsen


The scene with the tooth abscess is awful enough to make the book worth reading, but the whole book is amazing. It’s the beginning of a great series – as long as you allow for some errors in the translation syntax.

The Millennium Trilogy – Stieg Larsson


Yes, I’m cheating on this one and pulling the entire trilogy. But, the books are so closely linked it’s hard to separate them – especially the last two. And since Larsson is now dead, these are all his books we’ll ever get and they all deserve respect.

Interred With Their Bones – Jennifer Lee Carrell


In the theme of academic mysteries, this one was extremely entertaining. It includes a lost Shakespeare manuscript, a treasure hunt, and a lot of intrique.

And Then There Were None – Agatha Christie


This novel spawned dozens of homages and created a genre trope – I think, I should probably do more research. But this is a great classic read.

The Murder Book – Jonathan Kellerman


This is the 16th in a series, but it’s really the only one that needs reading.

The Death Pit – Tony Strong


One of the books I got when I was part of one of those book of the month clubs and I forgot to say no to the monthly book. Pleasant mistake.


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