Throwback Thursday – Donna Parker by Marcia Martin

Today’s throwback goes all the way back to before I was born to when my mom was just a wee teen devouring her own collection of books. The apple does not fall far from the tree. My love of teen heroines solving mysteries (cough cough – VM TTT coming at some point) was in the genes. Now, if my life was a book/movie, my mom passing her books down to be would be some touching scene with soft lighting and armchair reading. But since this is simply my life, I have zero recollection of how her books landed in my lap. I just know that at some point, I started reading her Donna Parker books.


Published from 1957-1964, this is a seven book series written by Marcia Martin (Levin) following the adventures of 14 year old Donna and her friends. Things happen. I don’t remember what things, but there’s a summer camp, a trip to Canada (Yay!), and a visit to Hollywood. How much mystery solving actually happened in these books, I honestly don’t remember, but I’m sure there was something. My brain says there was definitely a mysterin the Hollywood book, but let’s be frank, I could totally be mixing it up with another book . These were the days of wholesome reading!


I saw a couple of these at my Mom’s on a recent visit and had a little rush of nostalgic love. I loved the covers with their shiny pictures. Without those covers, I probably would have forgetten about this series. Did you read any of your parents’ books?



As a add on throwback – whenever I hear the name Donna, I automatically get “Donna Martin graduates” chanting in my head. And since I have to have it, now so do you. You’re Welcome.



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