The Worst

This weekend, I was out and about with my family for father’s day. We were at this car show thing. Not my kind of thing but my dad likes it. So, we’re waking across this field and I reach in my purse and suddenly feel this feeling in my gut that I’ve dropped something. I look around and don’t see anything, so I figure my gut is wrong.
The thing I think I’ve dropped is my flash drive. It’s not in my purse. But I can’t see it in the grass, so I figure I must have left it at home – which is not in the same town as my parents. I can’t get rid of this feeling, so as soon as I get home I check where I know it should be. Not there. I check everywhere else. My parents look everywhere at their place. Not there. It is gone.
It contains everything I’ve ever written. Fiction. Posts. Future posts. Post ideas. Resumes. Everything. I’ve been doing a massive re-write of a novel. I powered through eight chapters in a couple weeks. I hadn’t done my June back up yet. I lost everything! I don’t know what’s more upsetting – having to re-write everything or the fear that someone picked it up and now has all my stuff.
I’m desperately hoping someone found it and turned it in to the lost and found. Positive thinking. Please universe.
Ugh, I feel sick to my stomach. When you write, you pour yourself into your books and to think of someone else having everything… I can’t think about it anymore. Instead, I’m going to sit and watch The Jetsons and stop thinking until I feel better.



Stay Weird

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