Throwback Thursday – The Lottery

So, today’s throwback goes to the first story I remember reading that really made me go “what the fuck…”. The Lottery. Oh, high school reading list, you were so bizarre.


For anyone who had to read it, you’ll remember what it was about. Or at least I’ve never had to remind anyone. You say The Lottery and it’s usually – that story was messed up!
For those that don’t know, it’s a short story by Shirley Jackson, originally published in the 40s, about a small town that holds an annual summer lottery to ensure a good crop. Ballots are drawn and whoever gets the black dot is stoned to death. Everyone in town, including their family, participates. The story ends with the winner’s dying thoughts.


I remember the reaction of my English class was pretty much universal confusion. There were discussions and whatever, and I’m sure we finally settled on some kind of academic conclusions.  I don’t remember that side of it, but I’ve never forgotten the story.

Oh, and there was that ‘amazing’ made for tv sequel released in ’96. Starring Keri Russell when she was known mostly for her hair (before the whole hair cutting Felicity scandal) and some guy I think may have been on Baywatch.



3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – The Lottery

  1. I was just talking to a friend about this. They didn’t believe me that it was a book, not just a movie. VALIDATION!

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