Free For All Friday (@HawksleyWorkman)

Remember how I said Friday’s I would write about whatever I want? Well, today I’m actually doing that and not talking about books. I’m talking about music – specifically, Hawksley Workman. Who? Well, I really hope you didn’t say that, but if you live outside of Canada, it’s possible. But, if you don’t know who he is, this is going to be a good day for you. Really.


My ipod is old and small in capacity and has only the smallest portion of my music library loaded on it. Last month, I realized I hadn’t loaded any of my Hawksley onto it. It was a grave mistake. I remedies that, but I hadn’t actually listened to any of it until I was running errands the other day and my audiobook ended. I switched over to music, cause heaven forbid I have to listen to the people around me in the store. Sometimes, I’m exceptionally anti-social. Especially in self-checkout lines. Anyway, I haven’t updated my playlists in a really long time, and I’m pretty tired of them. The whole audiobook thing makes my shuffle a little schizophrenic, so I ended up picking an artist instead and settled on Hawksley. It was an excellent decision. It’s always an excellent decision.

I’ve been a fan for years. Lots and lots of years. My first exposure was Striptease during an episode of Queer as Folk. I’m pretty sure it was a Michael/Ben related scene, but I can’t remember exactly. Right around the same time, I remember reading one of those magazine snippets where they ask celebrities what they’re listening to, and one of the responses was Hawksley. Honestly, I think it might have been Lance Bass that gave this answer… so it’s entirely possible that Nsync got me into my favourite artist. But, let’s say it was Queer as Folk. Yes. Let’s go with that.

One of the best things about the Workman is that he varies his style from album to album. And dude is prolific. He’s got a lot of work out there. Combine lots of music with lots of styles and there’s always something to suit your mood. It is downright impossible for me to narrow it down to a favourite song. I can’t even pick a favourite album. Oh, and he does more than just concerts. Earlier this year, I went to his cabaret show, The God That Comes. Amazing! Wigs, bullhorns, army men mobiles, and a song called Ukeladyboy. There’s no wrong here. I’ve seen him perform multiple times: each one its own unique and wacky experience.


It’s so refreshing to see someone who is so in touch with their creativity and wants to express all of it. There’s no commercial structure to the albums. There isn’t the hit single. The follow up single. The ballad. There are reworkings of songs from previous albums. There are songs about crazy depression next to songs about dancing next to songs about random pop culture icons. Everything feels genuine.

I remember the first time I got to meet him; I was excited and nervous. What if he was a dick? Or just uncool? Or too cool? It was a giant waste of emotion. He’s crazy nice and down to earth. And not nice in that ‘I can’t think of anything else to say’ way. Nice in the good person kind of way. He made an effort to find a little something personal to talk to every single person about and made the experience more than a cattlecall line up.  Ah, good times.

I could spew my fangirl nonsense for pages –creative genius, quirky shows, adorable Canadian, twitter junkie – but it’s about the music. So, here’s a sampling of songs I really like – in chronological order of album. It is by no means a comprehensive list – there just isn’t enough room in one blog post.

(My intension was to have the videos right here in the blog, but I can’t seem to get it to work. So, instead, there are links to videos already in the ether. Sorry, dudes.)

Tarantulove – For Him and the Girls – this was the first Hawksley song I really fell in love with

Bullets – For Him and the Girls

 No Beginning No End – (last night we were) The Delicious Wolves – the guitar in this song…

No Reason to Cry Out Your Eyes (On The Highway Tonight) – Lover/Fighter

 All the Trees Are Hers – Between the Beautifuls

The City is A Drag – Between the Beautifuls/Los Manlicious

Kissing Girls (You Shouldn’t Kiss) – Los Manlicious – I’ve seen those green overalls in concert. They’re so minty!

Prettier Face – Los Manlicious/Between the Beautifuls

You Don’t Just Want to Break Me – Meat

We’ll Make Time – Meat – this is one of those songs I always forget about so it’s a happy surprise every time it comes on

Chemical – Milk

Suicidekick – Milk

Robot Heart – Milk – while i was finding the other links, I decided to add a third song from Milk. I love this one so much. I just couldn’t do just two.

Okay, on reviewing this, Milk probably wins as my favourite album. It’s the one I had the hardest time narrowing down to just a couple songs. But it’s really close with For Him and the Girls and Los Manlicious and Meat and Between the Beautifuls… Nope. Can’t do it. I just get all the feels from his music. There is no need to narrow that down to a single  favourite. Why do we feel the need to single things out all the time? But that’s another post. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Free For All Friday (@HawksleyWorkman)

  1. Great article ! But don’t forget these gems
    Esp his lover fighter album
    Animal behavior / milk
    Warhols portrait of Gretzky / milk
    Your beauty is rubbing off / wolves
    We still need a song / lover fighter
    Smoke baby / lover fighter
    Autumns here / lover fighter
    Addicted / lover fighter
    Watching the fires burn

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