Free-For-All Friday – Veronica Mars (@RobThomas)

The other day, Canada Day to be exact, I was finally able to get together with a friend I haven’t seen in months. As it always does, the topic of Veronica Mars came up. Seriously, we end up talking about this show every single time we get together. There are a few reasons this happens: it’s an exceptional show; we are pop culture junkies; it’s the inspiration for her derby name. This time it wasn’t our fault – someone else brought it up – but let’s be honest, it probably would have come up anyway.

Anyway, we got talking about how if we recognize someone in something, there’s a very good chance it’s from VM (or Supernatural – hello Canadian actor rolodex). This led to talking about specific characters. Turns out, a lot of my favourite characters from the show are the secondary ones who come in and spice things up for the regulars. This can be attributed to not just the acting, but some amazing writing.

So, today’s post is about the characters on VM who bounce in and out but make me like them so much that I recognize the actors in other things. I’ve defined secondary character as ten or fewer episodes.


Meg Manning – Alona Tal


Sweet, gentle Meg. Cartoon birds braid her hair kind of sweet. Even more so after you find out about her crazy ass parents. The sweetness changes in the second season, but that’s expected what with bus crashes and unexpected pregnancies.

Other things you might know her from – Supernatural (a crossover!), The Following or I guess Cult. I don’t really know how that show works


Vinnie Van Lowe – Ken Marino


Really, he was only in ten episodes? He feels like such a fixture in the show. He is the perfect counterpoint for the Mars team. Unethical in every way, he is easily one of the funniest characters on the show. And he sings Hall & Oates – that’s when he really won my heart.

Other things you might know him from – The VM movie, Party Down (hilarious – honestly. Rob Thomas knows what he’s doing), Reaper, Role Models, something called Children’s Hospital – I have no idea what this is, but he was in 53 episodes, so it was on long enough that someone knows what it is


Gia Goodman – Krysten Ritter


She’s flighty but delightful – even when she’s hating on Veronica. I didn’t initially like her character, but she grew on me. I was actually sad when the thing that happened in the movie happened. Her on screen father is played by Steve Guttenberg, who is also awesome, but I cannot in good conscience call a favourite character.

Other things you might know her from – Breaking Bad (Aaron Paul also did an episode of VM), and Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23


Max – Adam Rose


He played Mac’s ethic’s major who runs a cheating service for money boyfriend. We’re introduced to him through events that start at comicon and there are BSG jokes. And he’s adorable. There’s no questions why he’s one of my favourites. If only I could just pick him out of the screen and make him real (the character – the actor boy is clearly real and still adorable).

Other things you might now him from – probably nothing, but he does a lot of single episode appearances – Super Fun Night, Castle, Supernatural (again), Weeds, Bones.


Cyrus O’Dell – Ed Bagley Jr


The jerky dean in season three. He’s one of the best things about that season. He’s cranky and crotchety and his relationship with Weevil is super cute. He’s really too bad he had to die, but we needed a new mystery to finish up the season.

Other things you might now him from – His IMDB list is 276 credits long so you probably already know your thing.


Troy Vandergraff – Aaron Ashmore


I like the Ashmore twins. That probably influenced how much I liked this character – that and the piñata episode. A secret bad boy who gets his comeuppance? Good times. Oh, and he balanced out the Paris Hilton episode.

Other things you might know him from – Lost Girl, Smallville, Warehouse 13, several one of episodes.

Things you think you know him from but you actually know his twin brother, Shawn – X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men 3, X-Men – Days of Future Past, The Following


Trina Echolls – Alyson Hannigan


Part of why this role is awesome is because it’s so unlike Hannigan’s normal roles. Trina is vapid, self-centered, and awful – and she lives it. She never deviates. She is always in it for herself.

Other things you might know her from – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother, American Pie. Really, if you don’t know that she’s Willow, we probably won’t be friends.


Luke Haldeman – Sam Huntington


He’s one of those people who really stuck out even though he was only in two episodes (and now the movie). He was in the previously mentioned piñata episode. He played it well. He contemplated the balance of life over a signed baseball. It took him a minute to decide. And he is just as adorable in person – thank you comic expos for letting us see these people.

Other things you might know him from – Being Human – this will be what pretty much everyone knows him from, but for me he will always be Luke


Desmond Fellows – Paul Rudd


Yes, I knew who Rudd was before. I was pleasantly surprised to see him pop up in this episode as a washed up singer from an extremely popular 90s band. An unusual role for him, but he does it well. Desmond’s a skeeze, but Paul does it really well. Does he do his own singing? I’ve never investigated that – and I probably won’t.

Other things you might know him from – If you don’t know who Paul Rudd is, keep walking, cause that means you don’t know Clueless.


Norris Clayton – Theo Rossi


The bully everyone is scared of. He’s changed but an undercover narc is setting him up for a big fall. His crush on Veronica is sweet. There’s a nice guy hidden in this character. It’s a great episode and the beginning of an epic romance.

Other things you might know him from – Sons of Anarchy (yay Juice!), a heartbreaking pair of episodes on Grey’s Anatomy


Chuck Rooks – Adam Scott


He plays a teacher that diddles his students. I should not like this character. I should not! But I do. Scott plays the role perfectly and shows how crap like this actually happens. He’s so damn charming. And he’s a good teacher on top of everything. He is in exactly one VM episode, but it is super memorable.

Other things you might know him from – Party Down, Parks & Rec – A friend convinced me to watch this and when I saw Scott shows up, I immediately sent her a text ‘I didn’t know Adam Scott was in this!’ her response ‘what else would you possibly know him from?’


This could keep going and going, but it has to stop somewhere. On reviewing this list, I see it’s mostly dudes. Sorry ladies. I like lots of the ladies in Veronica Mars, but they exceed my episode cap. Also, lots of the female roles in the show tend to be a little bitchy – it’s high school so it’s not totally off the mark.


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  1. I can’t believe that no one has commented on this yet! I just wanted to point out that I’m pretty sure that Paul Rudd did his own singing. I’ve seen him sing during interviews and stuff and he has a pretty decent voice!

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