Top Ten Tuesday – Writing Confessions

This week’s TTT is Blogger Confessions. I haven’t really been blogging long enough to have any deep dark secrets. So, instead I’m going with writing confessions. These are the things that I do as a writer that may or may not be things a writer is supposed to do, but they’re my things. I’ve been dabbling in writing since junior high and doing it regularly since high school (except for that whole break for university thing). I’ve had a long time to develop awful habits.

So, here is my confession. It is what it is.


I always write with the tv on. Always. I’m not watching it but I like it on. Music doesn’t work the same way for me. It’s actually not the sound. It’s the movement on the screen. Somehow, that keeps me focused. I never watch anything I’m going to get into. I do a lot a rewatching during this time. As I’m writing this I’m watching Sleepy Hollow.

90% of my writing is done on my couch with my laptop on my lap. Sometime I have to stop writing because I’ve been doing it so long the heat from the computer is burning my legs. I finally set up my desk this week to be a workspace instead of a random collector of crap. We’ll see how long this lasts.


My brain food while writing is Cheerios. If I’m deep in a session of writing, I’ll go entire weekends without eating anything but cereal.

I prefer to write alone. I will occasionally get together with writer friends for work sessions, but I usually don’t end up writing anything useful.

When I’m stuck on a story for a really long time, I randomly scribble on a piece of paper until I start writing words. Eventually, these words usually turn into the thing I need to get unstuck.

If an idea strikes me when I’m not at home, I have a book of Doctor Who post-its in my purse at all times. That’s where I write down my ideas. The TARDIS holds my memories.


I keep a paper copy of the first full length novel I ever wrote. I wrote it in high school. I haven’t read it since I graduated, and I’m sure it’s awful, but I keep it as kind of a security blanket.

I write all my novels on the computer. The ideas flow better when I’m typing. The only time I write long hand is when I’m at super boring events and I’m trying not to fall asleep. Even though this is true, I have pretty much the oldest laptop on the planet. I am constantly worried that it’s going to crap out on me. I’m probably going to cave and buy a new one next month.

My greatest writer’s wish is a room with a smart board wall where I can tract all the characters, locations, and whatnot within a novel. Right now, I make databases, but it’s not the same. I’d love to be able to create trees and diagrams and throw information across the wall in a visual way. I want this so much it’s written into one of the stories.

I talk to myself and to my characters when I’m writing. This is probably a big part of the reason I can’t write around other people. I need to be able to talk through some of the actions and doing this around other people who are also writing is both rude and weird.


What are your writing confessions?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Writing Confessions

  1. That’s definitely an interesting way to get out of writers block. For all the short stories I’ve written, I just go with prompts not related to the problem story to get the creative juices flowing. The fact that you need a general sense of seclusion (discounting the television) in writing is pretty similar to my book blogging habits where I’d find myself getting easily distracted if someone were talking to me while I was writing a review. Many things here are definitely transferable between both writing/blogging!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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