Throwback Thursday – Muppet Babies

The Muppet Babies seems to keep coming up recently: on a list of memorable theme songs, in conversation, on Orange is the New Black. These are little, irrelevant references but they all add up to me singing the song like a crazy person for the last week. I loved Muppet Babies as a kid. They went on such grand adventures. I had a book where they re-enacted all these different fairy tales. I had actually forgotten about that book until I wrote that sentence. I wonder where that is. Hmmm.


I was never really a fan of the Muppet Show. The puppets kind of freaked me out, but the cartoon babies were adorable! They appealed to my cutesy instincts – let’s be honest, they still do. I had a bunch of them as stuffies. Or my sister did and I co-opted them as my own. I don’t know exactly. That was a long time ago. And as the older sister, what was hers was mine. Baby Rowlf! Come on. It doesn’t get cuter than that. And Scooter and Bunson and Beaker were adorable and smart. I just wanted them to be real. Like really badly.

Muppet Babies - Rowlf Bunsen-Beaker-Muppet-Babies Babyscooter

And does anyone else think that maybe Nanny – you know, the legs – might just be Ms. Frizzle?


The episodes were referential – even if I might not have known it at the time. Raiders of the Lost Muppet. Close Encounters of the Frog Kind. Snow White and the Seven Muppets. Around the Nursery in 80 Days. The Muppet Broadcasting Company. Are these episodes available on dvd? Does anyone know this information? I need to own these.

tumblr_mcy8jjC0tB1rjlphdo1_400  0

Why are no modern cartoons this cute and clever? Poor modern kids. They are missing out.


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