Free-For-All-Friday – Laurie B

This Friday, I’m talking about an artist I like – Laurie B. Honestly, for all oher stuff I have in my house, I know shockingly little about her. I don’t know where she’s from. When she started. What inspires her. Nothing. There’s not a lot about her online. But I know that she’s been at all of the comic expos I’ve attended and I’ve bought something from her almost every time. I’ve even bought her stuff as gifts.

Generally, her work is pin-up style representations of pop/geek culture icons. She isn’t hindered by gender. She does a lot of female versions of male comic book characters. But she’s also done Disney characters, the ladies of He-man, Star Wars, gaming figures, 80’s cartoons and on and on. My favourite is a series of cereal mascots. I have a bunch of them hanging in my dining room.

2014-07-17_11-12-44 2014-07-17_11-13-08

It’s not for everyone. It’s very cartoony, but that tends to be my ascetic. And some people will probably say they’re exploitative, but so cute!

What I’d really like her to do is a series of Disney villains. I wonder if she takes commissions at the shows. I should do some research. Maybe you’ll like it too. Maybe not. But I love how whimsical they make my home feel.

IMAG2831 IMAG2833

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but it was sunny and crap.


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