Top Ten Tuesday – author owned books

Today’s TTT topic is a strange one for me. I don’t know why it strikes me as so odd, but it does. It’s what authors do you own the most books by. I guess this one isn’t strange, but it’s not necessarily reflective of my reading collection. The most prolific authors are not always the most literary. And a lot of the authors I really love are only have a couple books out. If I own a lot of one author’s books, it’s probably because they write a series. And let’s not forget my obsession with the library. I don’t always get around to buying books in the mostly timely fashion. And for a bunch of these authors, even though I own a lot of their books, I may not have read them in years.

Here we go:


J.K. Rowling – Books Owned: 10

I include her Robert Glabraith books in this number. Even if they’re published under a pseudonym, she still wrote them. I think I have everything she’s written. I own the Harry Potter books in two both physical and audiobook version; so, this number would actually be higher if I was counting volumes not just titles.


Kelley Armstrong – Books Owned: 14

And I have two more that I need. I’m missing the last two books in The Women of the Otherworld series. I own the series in paperback, and I’m neurotic about the books in the series matching, and I always had to wait for them to come out a year after the release date. This usually means I’m crazy behind in buying them because I forget to watch for the pb releases. I should really get on it and rectify this problem.


V.C. Andrews – Books Owned: 19

I have this uncontrollable compulsion to own the first five Andrew’s series in their entirety. I don’t know what it is. It’s nostalgia. It’s my draw to stupid drama. I don’t own them all yet, but she’s taking up a large section of my bookcase.


Patricia Cornwell – Books Owned: 12

These books were the start of my love of forensic crime drama. My mom used to read them and I started picking them up when I was looking to expand my reading horizons. I stopped reading these years ago, but I still have my original collection. I tried reading one of the newer ones a couple years ago, but it was missing the spark that used to suck me in.


Jane Austen – Books Owned: 7

I own these because of school. That is the only reason. I would only choose to own Persuasion and Northanger Abbey, but breaking up the set feels a little like sacrilege so I keep them together.


Dean Koontz – 13

Another one of the bunch that I owned a lot of from when I was a kid. I have no idea why I own all of these. I used to read Koontz, but I stopped when I was still in my teens. I hated his endings. They were all foreplay, no follow through. You’d read hundreds of pages to get to a two page, totally unsatisfying ending where everything is explained by fucking aliens or something. I should really donate these to the library, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.


John Saul – 10

Remember my throwback from a couple weeks ago? John Saul falls into the nostalgia bucket.


C.S. Lewis – 7

Technically, I guess this one counts. There are seven separately bound books. However, I kind of consider it one book.


Gail Carriger – Books Owned: 6

The Parasol Protectorate series and the first of the YA spin off. Soulless is a delightful and unique read. The books make me laugh, but I will admit that the extreme style gets a little much after about the third book. I haven’t finished Heartless or Timeless yet, but I’ll get around to it one of these days.


Chloe Neill – 6

The Chicagoland Vampire Series. I initially picked these up because I liked the punny titles. Some Girls Bite. Friday Night Bites. I loved the first book. And the second. But something went wrong. There are more books to the series than I own. I knew I was losing interest around the fifth book but I bought the sixth out of loyalty. How could such a fun series go so far astray? I still wasn’t convinced, so I didn’t buy the seventh. I borrowed it from the library. I didn’t like it enough to buy it and figured I’d see if the eighth book would bring me back into the fold. It did not. I didn’t even finish half of it. So, there are more of these books, but they won’t be joining my collection.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – author owned books

  1. I’m with you on Chloe Neill, Though I think I was mustering enthusiasm a little longer than you on the series. My book buying habits are quite different than yours. When I love (or strongly like) an author, I want to own all their books. So I’ve got 27 books by Neil Gaiman (includes some graphic novels), 20 by Kelley Armstrong, 12 by John Flanagan (though it is only one entire series), 13 by Kim Harrison (again, all one series), 9 from Steve Alten, 8 by James Rollins, 8 by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, 7 of Melissa Marr’s books, 6 by Lesley Livingstone and 5 by John Green (I will buy anything that man writes, for the rest of my life), oh and i have 8 of the Chicagoland Vampires. I culled a lot of my books last year…had lots of YA fantasy series that I knew I wouldn’t read time and time again, and needed bookshelf space so donated and sold them; otherwise this list would look like a 16-year old’s even more than it might now. (And, I read everything Mike buys, so his tastes are represented here too). I also get stuck on series and wanting all my books in a series to match. I think that is perfectly acceptable!

    • I need to cull my collection. And I don’t count me e-books as part of my collection. Is that weird? I just don’t consider them ‘books’. Maybe it’s because I have hundreds of them and I haven’t read most of them. I have a bunch of John Green books in e-book.

      • Not weird, but I do consider my ebooks to be books. My shoulder thanks me fir not carrying around 3 or 4 books all the time, and we’re able to put off moving into a bigger place for all the shelves we need by having sine electronic books. If I read ’em, I count them as a book!

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