Throwback Thursday Sidetracked


So, I was trying to come up with today’s throwback and I remembered a book of my mom’s I spirited off the shelf in jr high and read in the late hours of the night. I do not think she would have been okay with me reading it at that age. It was scandalous! There was a good girl from a small town who runs away from a troubled home live and ends up working for one of those agencies. You know the ones I mean. Her sexual awakening came with a monetary exchange. These were NA novels before NA was a thing. I think the characters might have been a little older, than current NA books. But I was in my early teens, so my 20s seemed light years away. The MC could have been any age really. I think this girl eventually grows up to become the madam and takes over the house. But it’s entirely possible I might be getting the exact details of the plot mixed up with some Jackie Collins book. I started reading them shortly after that book. There was so much sex and intrigue and titillating silliness.

I wanted to write about it, but I can’t remember who wrote it. The title was Butterfly – I’m pretty sure. I can see the cover art in my head: title in gold, diagonally across a dark background, a gold butterfly pendant in the bottom corner. So, I did what I always do when I can’t remember who wrote a book – I logged into Goodreads and tried to look it up. Do you know how many books are titled Butterfly or have Butterfly in the title? Over 250 pages of search results were returned. With about 20 books per page. Okay… That’s a lot. I probably won’t look through them all, but a lot of them are probably kids’ books, right? And the majority of the rest are probably educational. I’ll just scan the covers and see if I can find the smuttier/Harlequinesque covers. Shouldn’t be too hard. Wrong! Jesus. If you’re in the market for a sexy time book (I am making no guarantees for quality – well, I’m 99% sure most of them are terrible) just chuck butterfly in the search function on Goodreads. You’ll find at least a couple dozen in the first four or five pages.

This derailed my entire throwback search. How are there so many books with the same titles? Why would you want to call your book something so generic? This makes it much harder for people to find your stuff, authors. Maybe I could find this book in my mom’s bookshelf, but a lot of her books are in boxes that have never been unpacked. Perhaps someone else remembers this silly book. I’m going to visit her tomorrow, so I’ll do a quick search then. If I find it, expect an update.

Here are some of the books I found in just the first few pages of the title search.

21858925 389526 7454737 7489782 9411467 9968720 16117908


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Sidetracked

    • This is totally the book! It’s actually in the list of covers I posted, but the copyright dates were throwing me off. I should have looked at other editions. Thanks!

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