The Oncoming Storm

In preparation for the series 8 premiere of Doctor Who, I’ve been spending a lot more time watching than reading in the last few weeks. Rewatching the series. I was planning to do it all, but then life, and summer, got in the way, and I only got through the first two and a half seasons (I know they’re called series on the BBC, but I’m calling them seasons, cause that’s what we use on this side of the pond). So, I decided to make the jump and go directly to season 7 (I talked about all of this in a post a couple Friday’s ago), but tonight I’m off to the theatre to watch Peter Capaldi take up the role. It occurred to me last night that I had gotten sidetracked again and I’d only made it partway through the Clara episodes.


Fortunately, my car is in for some repair work today and that seems like as good an excuse as any to stay in the house and watch The Name/Day of the Doctor and Matt Smith’s final episode. Then off for some big screen DW viewing. I love rewatching this show. The storylines are so friggin intricate. I get everything new every time I watch.

Today, I revel in my nerdom even more than normal. Embrace your geek, whatever it may be.



*Update – I went into Deep Breath with high hopes. I like Peter Capaldi, but I loved Matt Smith. I’m going to admit, I wasn’t completely sold for the first third of the episode. It felt a little slapsticky and watching it in a theatre full of people who laugh at weird moments was a strange experience. But, then it shifted. It was the restaurant scene that did it for me. This is going to be a different doctor. I think he’s going to be darker and that’s going to be great. There was one scene towards the end – the phone call – that threw me off. I’ve been on the fence about Clara for most of her episodes, and this episode did not make me like her better. She’s so boo hoo, he’s my boyfriend, wah wah. Obviously, I’m going to keep watching episodes, so we’ll see if this doctor makes me like her more.


Stay Weird

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