Throwback Thursday – Coachella 2010

With the end of the summer music festival season fast approaching, and my inability to get to a single one this year, I’ve been thinking about the ones I’ve gone to in the past. Music festivals used to be a regular part of my summer routine. Over the last couple years that’s dwindled, but they’re an experience I always really enjoyed. Today’s throwback is to Coachella 2010. I’d been to lots of other festivals, but nothing quite this size. This was back when Coachella was just one weekend and there were people galore. Unlike a lot of the people there, I was totally sober the entire festival. That makes the festival enjoyable in an entirely different way.

I love outdoor festivals like this, where you can wonder from one stage to another, plop down on the grass and take it all in. It’s impossible to see everything that’s going on. There are decisions you have to make. Deciding not to see Deadmau5 was one of the only decisions I regret. If you’ve seen the Jimmy Kimmel video, you know that this festival can attract some strange fellows (and let’s not even get into the headdresses all over the place – just say no), but overall, it was a really fun, relaxed, tremendous experience.

Here are some of the crappy photos I took of the festival and a couple (but not all) of the bands that I really loved (if there are people in these photos, it’s cause they wondered into them. I don’t know them). What are some of your favourite music festival moments?

This ornate piece of artwork was located near the front. It had shade, therefore, it was popular.


This is the misting tent. It ran all day and night with djs and lights and mist. It was basically an awesome den of sin. I imagine it’s kind of mini version of Shambala (which I’ve never been to but want to go to)


This pipe organ had electricity running through it, and when it was played the electricity was supposed to arch from one pipe to another. I was never there when it was working, but it sounds damn cool.

electric pipe organ

She & Him! Zooey Deschanel is even prettier in person, guys!

SHe & Him

The Ravonettes. This was the year that there was that volcano in Iceland that had air traffic at a standstill. These two were the only ones that actually made it to the festival. Their entire backing band didn’t make it. They performed anyway with a couple instruments they’d borrowed. It was amazing.

The Ravonettes

This was from LCD Soundsystem. Apparently, they made a point of telling us this disco ball weighs 350 lbs. Thank god for labelling photos – otherwise I would never have remembered this.

LCD Soundsystem

The Dead Weather. Jack White is a master of many things. I’d never heard a single one of their songs before this performance. Now, I listen to them regularly.

The Dead Weather

It gets dark crazy early in the dessert. These photos were taken around 7:30/8:00 in the evening. Where I live, in the summer it doesn’t get dusky until at least 10:30-11:00.



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