Throwback Thursday – 90210 Fashion

I was clothes shopping the other day and when I walked into the store, I felt like I had teleported to the 90s. Red plaid everywhere! It was awesome! I’ve been hiding my love of 90s fashion like a shameful secret for years. I grabbed a bunch of stuff and went to try it on. There was this one that was all colour blocking and lace and peplum. I couldn’t decide if it was awesome or more ‘Brenda Walsh wants her shirt back’. Turns out – it’s awesome and is now at home in my closet. I’m now struggling to decide if my nostalgia is worth spending $80 on a plaid button down…

This naturally got me thinking about the original 90210. I vividly remember the day the show premiered in Canada. I was in eighth grade. I’d just moved to a new town. I was trying to find a way to fit in in a place that felt completely foreign. I could relate to those Walsh kids. It was like a more stylized version of Degrassi (the new version hadn’t launched yet). And when Scott shot himself and David lost his shit, I knew this was the show for me. Then for some reason, the show stopped airing in Canada for a couple seasons. Fortunately, it came back and I was able to immerse myself in the fashion of Beverly Hills.

Remember these jeans? Can these please never make a comeback? Please? (I’m sure I’m out of the loop and they’re already back, but I’m holding out hope).


My favourite fashionista – though definitely not my favourite character – was Kelly. I feel like I want to really like her, cause I like Jennie Garth, but man, Kelly is whiney. I went back and watched the show recently, and I still love most of her outfits. During my re-watch, I realized that the girls in this show were terrible. I don’t really have a favourite – until Janet shows up. But let’s not talk about that now – let’s just admire Kelly’s fashion sense.


Those of us who were teens in the 90s never thought these fashions would recycle, but there’s no denying you’ve seen variations of these outfits recently.

tbt6 tbt7 tbt9

I was walking through the mall several months ago, and I walked by the Guess store (Guess was huge in the 90s. Huge!) and there in the window was a giant image of the Claudia Schiffer’s famous 90s Guess image. You know the one.


And over the sound system, How Do You Talk to an Angel by Jamie Walters (who also had a role in 90210) was playing. This song was from his other show – The Heights, about an up and coming band. I loved, loved, loved Jamie Walters. He was my teenage celebrity crush. It was like I was in high school again – just without the crippling insecurity and self-doubt.



The 90s are back, bitches. And it is perfection.


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – 90210 Fashion

  1. I’m so glad I read this today! I was in Gap this afternoon, and even though I’ve noticed the resurgence of 90s fashion over the last year or so, it was absolutely solidified. It was like the Gap of my teenage years! Flannel plaid shirts and dresses! Baby doll dresses (some were plaid)! Cut off denim shorts in light washes! Last summer when I was in England, I walked into Urban Outfitters and saw the ubiquitous 90s daisy pattern on everything. I feel like designers have taken all of the awesome parts of the 90s and discarded the ridiculous (those awful jeans that made you look like you were wearing a diaper). You’re right. It’s back and it’s perfection!

    • That would be amazing! The ones at Gap were short sleeved, but I wish they were spaghetti strapped. I miss the spaghetti strap dress with tee underneath! I may or may not wear my new (but very 90s) Betsy Johnson for Urban Outfitters dress to brunch.

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