Top Ten Tuesday – Addictive Authors I’ve Only Read Once

The girls over at The Broke and Bookish have set our task for the week – authors who you’ve read once and know you must read more from. I’m a bit of an authorsnob. Not an I only read this level of author type snob, but an I must ignore all other authors kind of snob. When I find someone whose style I really like, I generally pull another one of their books immediately. That means that several of the authors I’ve chosen only have one book out. But, this also goes back to my post a couple weeks ago about being a bad fan and forgetting to be diligent about checking for release dates. That all being truth, I found a list of authors who I have only read one book from and would genuinely love to read more.


Tess Sharpe – Book read: Far From You


She writes exactly my kind of book. Contemporary YA. Mysteries. A little romance thrown in for spice. This is the only book she has published. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of her books. I like that she does not sugar coat the shitty side of growing up.


Joshua Braff – Book read: The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green


He actually has another book out – Peep Show. I want to read it. I’m not sure why I haven’t. Maybe my library doesn’t have it. Nope. They have it. This is entirely my fault. I’ve put a hold on it and will rectify this problem shortly.

Alex Marwood – Book read: The Wicked Girls


Things I just discovered – Marwood is a woman. I did not know this. I should really go make sure I did not call her a dude in my review of this book. Sorry, Ms. Marwood. My super bad.

She has another one coming out soon. I had put in a request for a First to Read copy, but alas, my hopes were dashed mere minutes ago. Although, Goodreads says this was already published and there are lots of reviews. Maybe this is the first publication on this side of the pond? Who knows? I just want to read it. Like right now.


Hugh Howey – Book read: Wool Omnibus


I respect Howey as an author. I’ve read a lot of his opinions and advice on self-publishing, but that doesn’t count. There is another Howey book out, but it’s about nanotechnology and no matter how many of these books I start – thinking they sound fascinating – I always end up bored and not finishing them. It’s the subject matter. I’ll add this one to my ‘if I have time’ tbr pile, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. I’ll watch for his future books though.


Megan Abbott – Book read: Dare Me


She’s got a lot of books out. And my library has most of them. This one is my own damn fault. I would go on and request a copy, but I already did that with Braff, and I promised myself I would stop getting library books for a little while so I can tackle my ‘I’ve spent good money on these books’ tbr pile. Abbott will be revisited in the new year.


Robin Sloan – Book read: Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore


It looks like he has a bunch of short stories out, but I’m not a short story person. I generally find them unsatisfying – unless they’re part of some kind of interwoven collection. There are very few people who can write a short story that really grabs me (Julian Barnes is the only one I can think of off the top of my head). I’ll wait for another book.


Daniel O’Malley – Book read: The Rook


The second book in the series comes out in 2015. I cannot wait! Cannot wait! I get that rapid heartbeat, fidgety feeling whenever I find out new information on the second book. I adored the first book so much. Someone wanna send me an ARC copy?


Stephanie Kuehnert – Book read: Ballads of Suburbia


I’ve talked about Kuehnert before. I’ve actually taken her other book out of the library. I had so many books out at the time I didn’t get around to reading it. It will be rectified. I may just cave and buy them so they sit on my shelf and taunt me until I read them.


Erin Morgenstern – Book read: The Night Circus


I loved this book. The descriptions make me a happy person. It’s the only book she has published. Please publish another one soon, Ms. Morgenstern. I am ‘patiently’ waiting.


Abigail Haas – Book read (kinda): Dangerous Girls


As you may have read last week, I did not actually finish this book. So, why would I need to read another book by this author? There’s something about her that I find appealing. The description of Dangerous Boys sounds awesome. I think I need to give her another chance.



I’m adding an honourable mention section to this week’s list. These are authors that I needed to read more from so badly that I made that happen immediately. Books where I had such an immediate and guttural reaction to the books that I could not imagine not reading more immediately. I went out and bought the rest of these author’s available books unread. I have to mention them, because I think everyone should read them.


Tana French – the book that started it: Into the Woods


French is one of the best crime writer’s I’ve read in years. She’s not procedural. The books have layers. Not all the mysteries are solved. I’ve read almost three (only 100 more pages to go). She is excellent. Excellent!


Jussi Adler-Olsen – the book that started it: The Keeper of Lost Causes


Found during the fallout of the Millenium Trilogy. I was exploring Scandinavian authors with English language books. Most of them were duds or lack luster, but Adler-Olsen did it right. As soon as I’m done French’s book, I’m starting this series over and reading everything out in English (a new one is coming out this fall. Yay!)


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