Throwback Thursday – Fancy Chip & Dale

When I was a kid, Sunday evenings were something we looked forward to. That’s because Disney would air a movie every Sunday night. With media so easily accessible, that’s no longer a big deal, but at the time, it was something you waited for. People didn’t tend to own as many movies (in their giant VHS, or slightly less giant Beta, formats) and video stores used to close early. Disney rocked the live action movies back in the day. There were loads of movies I hoped they would re-air – Escape from Witch Mountain was at the top of my list – but that’s a post for another Thursday. One of the other things that they would air were these little clips where they would take currently popular songs and play them over cartoon clips. I’m sure they aired these more often than just Sundays, but that’s when I remember seeing them.

My favourite one, absolutely favourite, was when they did Kiss is On My List by Hall and Oates with Chip and Dale dressed up in tuxedos trying to win the affections of Clarice. I enjoyed this so, so much. I distinctly remember watching this video as a kid and being super excited whenever it came on. I was pretty young and I don’t know if I had really figured out how all these cartoon voices worked. What that meant was that for a really long time I thought Hall and Oates & Chip and Dale were the same people. Whenever I heard an H&O song, I thought it was Hall and Oates. Eventually, I figured out that this wasn’t the way it worked and that Hall and Oates were their own, very real, human beings. And I will say, without an ounce of shame or guilty pleasurism, I love this band. I seriously love them. Some of that love might be related to this video, some of it is because they are legitimately good song writers. It doesn’t matter.

Does anyone else remember these videos? Do you have a favourite?


One thought on “Throwback Thursday – Fancy Chip & Dale

  1. You are referring to DTV, Disney’s version of MTV, which they used as filler between commercial-free shows on the Disney channel.

    They released VHS compilations of them–I’m told there were four, but I only know of (and, of course, own) three, each with a different focus. Golden Oldies was mainly music from the ’40s to ’60s; Pop & Rock was all eras, but focusing on up-tempo numbers primarily; and Rock, Rhythm & Blues was generally slower stuff.

    Interestingly, there’s at least one popular-in-the-’80s song on one of those VHS that is preserved at this point almost exclusively by this collection. Burning Sensations’ “Belly of the Whale” ended up completely screwed by rights issues on the actual recorded tracks to the point where it will never see another official release at this point. The lead singer of the band has rerecorded all the tracks and released it on iTunes. It’s close, but not identical, to the original.

    As for my favourite, there’s too many. Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford is great; The Blue Danube by Spike Jones also. I love the above-mentioned “Belly of the Whale,” but, if pressed, I’d have to say “That Old Black Magic” by Louis Prima and Keely Smith would be my favourite for music and video.

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