Top Ten Tuesday – New to Me in 2014

2014 was a good year for me authorwise. I read a lot of new authors this year. I found a few that I’m absolutely in love with. This week’s Broke and Bookish TTT wants to know who these writers are. Who did I read for the first time this year? Not necessarily debut authors, but authors I’ve never read before.

I love discovering authors that already have loads of books out. It means I don’t have to wait. I can read lots and lots of books. This happened a couple times in 2014. I also read several authors in their debut appearance. Both of these experiences were highlights in my reading year.


Natalie Haynes

Haynes’ released her debut novel this fall. I have a review coming for this one at some point, but I’m struggling with it. Not because it’s a bad book, it’s actually quite excellent, but I’m stuck on the review. Worth a read if you’re looking for something kind of sad and hopeless. Just in time for Christmas…


Tana French

French was my first amazing author discovery this year. I’ve read three of her books since July. She’s a beautiful crime author. Her books leave open ended questions that let the reader stretch their imagination to follow the characters journeys. I’ve been recommending her stuff all over the board.


Brenna Yovanoff

This was the second of two amazing authors I discovered this year. I already wrote a post about my love for Yovanoff and one of her books. She has this haunting, compelling writing style that makes me so extremely happy.


M.R. Carey

Zombie stuff is not my thing. I generally don’t gravitate towards it. I don’t like to watch it. I usually find it pretty boring. But Carey’s debut novel proved that sometimes, these stories really come together.


Josh Malerman

A horror novel that didn’t fall into the instachesse category. Hurrah! It’s creepy and offputting. It stays with you. Malerman is a talent to watch.


Tess Sharpe

Sharpe’s contribution to LGBTQ writing is strong. She gives bisexuals a character to relate to – something that exists is very little other writing. It’s YA. It’s a mystery. It’s a great read. I’m looking forward to more work from Sharpe.


Elizabeth Wein

I generally don’t enjoy historic fiction. I have a hard time getting into the stories, but Wein won me over with her story of two very different girls brought together and torn apart again by the same war. This story is extremely heartbreaking; it would be a shame if you didn’t read it at some point.


Alex Marwood

Another crime author I discovered this year. Like French, her novels aren’t straight forward crime fiction. Her stories concentrate on the characters with the mystery happening in the background. To me, these are the best types of stories.


Lauren Oliver

Not every author I discovered this year was great. Lauren Oliver is a name I had seen around the YA-verse for quite some time. She’s published a number of books. She’s on a bit of a pedestal in the dystopian fiction genre. Honestly, I don’t know why. I read all the Delirium books, but they were little more than mediocre for me.


Joshua Braff

Braff’s writing is funny, fresh, and in your face. Some of the writing is fall on the floor funny. Some is gut wrenchingly sad. Personally, I think Jacob Green is by far the superior of his two books. If you only choose one to read, read that one.


Who did you read this year? Surprises? Disappointments? Recommendations?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – New to Me in 2014

  1. I love Brenna Yovanoff’s books, too. She creates such compelling worlds, and has a level of creepy that doesn’t send me screaming the other way. I do like zombies, especially different and new zombies, so Carey was a likely winner for me.

    • Yovanoff is a master of world building. She pulls in her reader in that slow, easy way where you don’t even notice it’s happening. I picked up my copy of Fiendish from the library a few days ago. I’m excited to start it.

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