Throwback Thursday – Wreck-It-Ralph

This week’s throwback is more like a gentle toss. Back to only two years ago. But back to a movie I really love. I’ve seen it in a theatre (more than once). I’ve seen it from many a couch. I’ve even seen it on a cruise ship. It’s Wreck-It-Ralph. I love this movie. It’s quite possibly my favourite Disney movie. It knocked a long time favourite out of the top spot and shows no signs of slipping any time soon.

It’s adorable! Like so, so cute. But also funny, entertaining, and rad. Vanellope  is the greatest female character in a Disney movie. I honestly don’t understand why this movie isn’t more popular. It’s got cool retro stuff for adults. It’s got newer style game stuff for the kids. If you pause it, you get info sessions from the Nerdist! It’s packed full of candy! And no one needs to be ‘rescued’. Instead, they need help. Multiple characters need help. And they use friendship, not romance, to get to the end. Sure, there’s a little romance in there, but it’s a side story.


And at the end, Vanellope tosses off the opportunity to be a princess in order to set up a democratic government. Why is this not the character we’re trying to get little girls to emulate? A girl who is determined and sure of herself, and when she’s unsure, might throw a bit of a tantrum, but eventually turns to her friend for help? And she doesn’t want to punish the kids who were mean to her. She wants to help make things better. Long live Vanellope!


And the whole message about people being complex and not just one thing? And forgiveness for mistakes? Again I say, why is this movie not more popular!? Frozen is crazy popular – not making a good or bad judgement, just a statement – but they handle kind of the same issue in two very different ways. Both main female characters have something that makes them different and potentially dangerous. Where Elsa hides from her problem in anger and fear, Vanellope uses her shunning to create a little home where she tries to figure out a way to do what she loves, even with her glitch. Sure, she doesn’t sing, but she does make ‘duty’ jokes.


And I can’t talk about Wreck-It-Ralph without talking about Ralph. He just wants to be a hero. He wants to be included. He’s such a great example for kids about how actions can hurt people. And how you can use those negative feelings for something positive. He keeps making mistakes and keeps learning from them.

Oh, and there’s a fungeon. Come on. Who doesn’t love a fungeon.


Just go watch it.


Stay Weird

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