Top Ten Tuesday – Veronica Mars Episodes

I generally try not to go off script on Tuesdays (or in this case Wednesday because I’m late posting this – life happens). The ladies over at Broke and Bookish do all this work to make us these interesting, diverse lists. I want to give them their due and follow the prompts. However, this week, I’m going rogue. I’m not much of a resolutions person. Why decide once a year what you’re going to do for the next twelve? You have no idea where those twelve months are going to take you. How can you promise yourself that you’ll have the same focus at this time next year? Instead, I pick a kind of project for every year. Two years ago, it was hacking old furniture I’d been hoarding with the intention of using. That went pretty well. Last year, I decided I wanted to try out blogging. I’m still doing it – so, yay me.

This year, I’m going to keep the blog going – and catch up on some reviews I haven’t written – but my project is going to be sewing. Making adorable little dresses for geeky parents to dress their children in and maybe getting around to selling them. We’ll see how that goes.

But that makes for a pretty short post. It’s pretty much all I have to say. So, for today’s post I’m doing a top ten list I’ve wanted to do for a while. My top ten Veronica Mars episodes list.

I adore this show. I love the movie. I really enjoyed the first book in the series. I have a VM tattoo (I have a series of ‘geeky’ ones running up my arms). People mostly get the other tattoos, but they have a harder time with this one. The symbol is less recognizable, so more people ask what it is. And then I see that look on their face – why would you permanently ink the symbol for a cancelled tv show on your body? I love all the shows/books I’ve inked, but they all symbolize more than that. Character traits I cherish, admire, want. People I respect.

This one is on my arm of characters who step outside the law in order to do the right thing. Their motivations may be selfish, but they have a purpose. They have their own moral compass. And every one of these series contains strong, powerful female characters. My VM tattoo fits right in. It will always remind me of a friend who I connected with over our love of pop culture – specifically VM. She is a strong, awesome woman. She’s all the things these symbols stand for – without the law breaking and fighting – and she gets to pass those skills on to her students.

I’ve somehow veered away from my list, so let’s get back to it. In order by air date, cause I can’t pick a favourite. I just can’t. If you’ve never seen VM, stop here and go watch it. It’s excellent and this thing is chock full of spoilers.

vm1 5

You Think You Know Somebody 1:5

Perhaps a strange pick, I know.

What it’s about: Troy, Logan and Luke lose Troy’s father’s car on the way back from Tijuana. Veronica helps them locate it and breaks up with Troy.

How it helps the Storyline: It shows what Keith is willing to sacrifice for his daughter. Establishes Veronica’s almost pathological need to self-sabotage all of her relationships with men. Veronica discovers the pictures of that drove her mother away.

Why it’s Awesome: a piñata full of steroids, a car containing Jason Dohring, Aaron Ashmore, and Sam Huntington (even if they do look like babies now), and references Brigadoon.

vm1 14

Mars vs. Mars 1:14

If I absolutely had to pick a favoutire, it would probably be this episode.

What it’s about: Veronica’s favourite teacher is accused of sexual misconduct with a student Veronica hates. She is helping him while Keith is working for the girl’s family.

How it helps the Storyline: Veronica helps Logan try to prove that his mother is still alive. Logan is humanized and his relationship with Veronica begins to develop. Veronica discovers that Duncan has a seizure disorder that causes blackout fits of rage.

Why it’s awesome: The heartbreaking expression on Logan’s face when he sees the video of his mother jumping. Keith paintbombing Veronica. Realistically depicting how a charming teacher is able to convince an otherwise smart student to become involved in a sexual relationship – even when they know better.

vm1 18

Weapons of Class Destruction 1:18

What it’s about: Veronica discovers the school has been receiving bomb threats. An undercover ATF agent investigates a former school bully who is being set up by one of his long time victims.

How it helps the Storyline: Duncan confronts Veronica about her murder files. She tells him about Koontz’s payoff and he flees the city. Logan and Veronica get together for the first time and start the most epic relationship in the entire series. Wallace and Veronica find out that their parents are dating.

Why it’s awesome: Theo Rossi before he landed a regular role on Sons of Anarchy. The whole story hinges on the fact that only one person in the neighbourhood has wifi. It’s adorably dated.

vm1 21

A Trip to the Dentist 1:21

What it’s about: Veronica investigates the circumstances around her rape the previous year. Pretty much every character we’ve met through the season shows up in this episode. This is a pretty crucial episode for pulling things together and setting up the next season.

How it helps the Storyline: Keith finds Duncan hiding out in Cuba. Veronica has left Logan because she thinks her was involved with her rape. She discovers she had sex with was Duncan. Who freaked out because he believes they are brother and sister. Keith tracks down a witness who can prove Koontz didn’t murder Lilly Kane. Veronica and Logan’s relationship (back on halfway through the episode) is outted to the rest of the student body. Veronica discovers the video cameras in the Echoll’s pool house. She leaves Logan – again.

Why it’s awesome: It shows how awful teenagers can be to one another. It sets up Veronica as a master accuser. This is one of the episodes where we really get to see her throwing around accusations and running away from people without confirming facts. It’s a character trait she never really grows out of. There are so many little details in this episode that are pulled from previous episodes and come together in later seasons.

vm2 7

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner 2:7

What it’s about: Veronica and Duncan are back together. He’s rooming with her now ex, Logan, who is sleeping with Dick and Beaver’s smoking hot step-mom. Duncan asks Veronica to help investigate a child abuse case involving her old friend and his ex-girlfriend, Meg, who was critically injured in the bus accident at the beginning of the year.

How it helps the Storyline: We get to see that all is not well in the Goodwin household. The Manning home is a place of abuse and fear. Logan gets Veronica to help him track down the witness against him in the murder of one of the PCHers. Wallace still isn’t speaking to Veronica.

Why it’s awesome: Veronica riffs The Dude – it’s one of my fave scenes from the series. I can’t explain why. It just is. It’s a damn dark episode – one of the darkest of the series in my opinion. We get a sneak peek into the Lamb’s past and he gets one of his few truly human moments in the show. The placement of Run by Air brings together the entire creepy feel of the episode.

vm2 11

Donut Run 2:11

This episode appears on this list for one very specific reason – it’s the farewell to Duncan. It’s actually taking up valuable real estate that could be used by other, better episodes. But I dislike the Duncan character so much, here we are.

What it’s about: Meg is dead. Her parents won’t let Duncan near his baby. He kidnaps the baby and Veronica is accused of helping.

How it helps the Storyline:  Duncan is removed from the Veronica, Duncan, Logan relationship. Logan and Weevil have joined forced to figure out who actually killed Felix.

Why it’s awesome: No more Duncan! Vinnie Van Lowe – who is always, always super entertaining.

vm2 22

Not Pictured 2:22

I kind of dislike picking a season finale as one of my favourite episodes. These are supposed to be the big episodes of the season. You’re supposed to love these. But they’re usually a bit of a letdown. This one is not.

What it’s about: Woody’s been accused of blowing up the bus and molesting a bunch of the boys from his little league teams. Bah. I’d forgotten we had to see a bit of Duncan in this episode. At least it’s brief. Veronica figures out who really blew up the bus.

How it helps the Storyline: Veronica finds out Woody had chlamydia. And that Beaver used to play on his little league team. And she was treated for chlamydia earlier in the year. Remember that drugged and raped thing from Shelley Pomroy’s party? Yeah. That’s back.

Why it’s awesome: A rooftop face off. An exploding plane. Murder. Suicide. It’s a pretty epic finale.

vm3 9

Spit & Eggs 3:9

What it’s about: The rapist at Hearst storyline that started in season two is still alive and well on campus. Logan ends his relationship with Veronica and she’s determined to figure out who the rapist is. The dean is found dead in his office.

How it helps the Storyline: Mercer attacks Veronica when she figures out he’s the rapist. Logan gets himself thrown in jail to deal with Mercer. This ties up the first overarching mystery of the first half of the season. Keith tells the dean that his wife is having an affair with Veronica’s criminology professor. The dean’s death starts the mystery that carries the second half of the season.

Why it’s awesome: Excellent use of a Fatboy Slim song. Neil Diamond cover band. Veronica stabs Mercer with a unicorn – Unicornicopia!

vm3 17

Debasement Tapes 3:17

What it’s about: Piz is responsible for managing a has been rocker from one of his favourite bands. When tapes essential to the concert go missing, he brings in Veronica to find them – even though they’re now super awkward after their kiss at Parker’s birthday.

How it helps the Storyline: It doesn’t really. This was the season of the writers’ strike and the show suffered. They knew they were being cancelled by this point and couldn’t introduce non-critical new plot points this late in the game. Piz and Veronica’s relationship starts to develop. Vinnie throws his hat in the ring for sheriff, meaning Keith is no longer unopposed. Logan is jealous of Veronica’s new relationship.

Why it’s awesome: Beware meeting your idols. Sometimes, they are putzes. Mac and Max’s relationship starts to blossom. They’re adorable together.

vm3 20

The Bitch is Back 3:20

This episode mostly makes me furious because it just ends, but it’s also excellent.

What it’s about: Logan tells Veronica about the sex tape – after beating the hell out of Piz at the end of the previous episode. Veronica goes on a rampage to find out where the tape came from. She finds out about The Castle and discovers that the Kanes may be back in her life.

How it helps the Storyline: It humanizes Veronica a little – she actually asks Piz if he made the tape before running away from him. But mostly, it ties things together. And it sets up the Logan/Piz/Veronica triangle that will pick up again in the movie.

Why it’s awesome: A lot of stuff happens in this episode. We are introduced to The Castle, which could have driven a whole bunch of new storylines if the show had continued. I really hope they pick this up in the books. Somehow, I’m sure they can make it work.

What are your favourite VM episodes?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Veronica Mars Episodes

  1. I haven’t read the second novel yet, but I totally agree with hoping storylines like the Castle are pursued there. My favourite episodes would have to be “Like a Virgin” (1×08), “An Echolls Family Christmas” (1×10), “Clash of the Tritons” (1×12, little bit in love with Weevil!), “Witchita Linebacker” (3×03). I like season 2 well enough, but I tend to rewatch the first season more. Great list!

    • All great episodes! I love how the most random episode usually contains something crucial to the storyline. I know season three is crazy disjointed, but I really enjoy that one. When I do my rewatching, I do all the seasons 🙂

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