Throwback Thursday – She-ra: Princess of Power

In a couple months, I’m heading down to a local comic expo. That means we’re currently in the weekly guest announcement phase. I wait impatiently every week to see who’s been added to the list. I’m generally not super drawn to the voice actors. Not because I’m not interested but because I generally don’t know who they are. It’s just not my area of nerd. But today, they announced Melendy Britt and Alan Oppenheimer are coming. She-ra and Skeletor!

This makes me super excited, especially the She-ra part. I loved She-ra as a child. LOVED. I have this memory of being a child and playing in a friend’s basement (I cannot remember exactly who that friend was… maybe Ryan, maybe Lindsey – was that even her name? Holy smokes, I’m now distracted by the fact that I cannot remember whose house I was at. I will continue to think about it and get back to the sentence that started before this rant) with She-ra action figures for hours. She-ra dolls were different than other dolls at the time. They weren’t Barbie sized. They were much smaller, with stronger bodies. They were meant to do battle. She came with a damn sword. She-ra and her crew were the shit.


She-ra and her lady friends lived and ruled over Etheria. A planet of kick ass ladies? Remember how I also loved Jem and all her girls running their own business. My feminist ways were showing even in my single digit years. Frosta was always my favourite character. I loved her outfit – yeah, that skin tight unitard… – and her amazing hair. I wanted her hair so much. I used to pray I would go to sleep and wake up with long, luscious silvery blue hair. This really explain a lot about my current hair colour choices… I’d never really put these things together before. I keep getting so sidetracked writing this post. Anyway, Frosta was the one I wanted to be.


She could shoot ice from her damn hands! This was decades before Elsa showed up on the scene. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been so blown away from that character – the space in my heart for an icy queen was already filled. A couple years ago, I rewatched She-ra in its entirety and my memory of Frosta is clearly skewed. I think I was so blinded by her awesome hair and icy powers that I didn’t realize that she was kind of boy crazy and jealous. But at least she’s assertive about going for what she wants. She’s not afraid to make her intentions clear. Also, she saves He-man’s damn life twice in this one episode. However, her jealous streak is not one of her better qualities. But how much it entertains She-ra and the other girls is much more relatable as an adult.

Were you a She-ra fanatic? Who was your favourite character?

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