Top Ten Tuesday – Book Reader Problems

Every reader has things they need to deal with. The Broke and Bookish ladies certainly know their audience. This week, they’re letting us revel in our neurosis. Sometimes the problems are serious. Sometimes they are humorous. Some are just damn expensive. I could use this post to talk about the fact that I’m in a reading funk and haven’t picked up a book in over a week. Or that I’ve finished a bunch of books and haven’t written a single review. How every time I sit down to write something my entire brain freezes. Instead, I’m just going to focus on the funny. The internet has captured all of these problems so well. I’ve picked images to showcase each problem.


Unconsciously moving into very odd comfy positions.


I’ve had this problem since We Were Liars. Nothing feels as good.


I just did this with Michael Grant’s Gone series. They sent me all the books except for one with the right cover. I experienced serious rage. I have not yet been able to track down the right cover.


And I will refer to all of them as my favourite.


My purse is very heavy


I’m a neurotic alphabetizer. I sometimes consider if I really want to buy a book if I can picture where it’s going to land on the shelf. New series are the worst.


Veruca Salt. I kept getting asked “Like the band?” They’re awesome, but no.


I didn’t get a single book this year. I got other awesome gifts, but I still feel a tiny whole. I always get a book.


Always. And where there’s enough to do that my vacation buddies will have stuff to do while I’m anti-social.


All the time. All the damn time.

What are your bookish problems?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Book Reader Problems

  1. I love an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf! I started alphabetizing in order to know what had been borrowed by other people when I was in university. It’s a habit that’s stuck around.

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