Wearable Wednesday – The Star Wars Dress

Welcome to my new Wednesday feature – Wearable Wednesdays. This isn’t a post about my clothes, but it is a post about clothes – and confidence.

Somewhere along the way, around when society decided feminism was a dirty word, a belief arose that your can’t be both feminine and rad at the same time. Untrue! A woman in a pretty dress made out of whatever the hell fabric she wants it to be made out of can be as badass and strong as she wants to be. I have a four-year-old niece and I want her to grow up understanding that she has options for her interests – not just what’s available on the hanger of the local chain store. And that she can be a strong, confident girl.

For those who don’t know, I am a nerd. I like geeky stuff. I am proud of this. I go to cons. I wear subtly/not so subtly referential shirts. I’m currently wearing a TARDIS skirt (have I mentioned how much I love Doctor Who). Around Christmas time, I started looking for gifts. It was easy to find stuff for the boys, but I could not find anything I loved for my niece that wasn’t a toy. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I’m moderately crafty and I decided to make her a dress. A dress. Just one. But it turned out so well, and there’s so much amazing fabric out there… so yeah, it’s like a runaway train now – there’s no stopping it. 

The more I make, the more people seemed to like them. Now you get to see them (in my admittedly terrible camera phone pictures. I really need to get a better camera). I have no idea if anyone else cares about these but I think they’re pretty rad. And someone actually asked me to make one for their little girl recently. Girls (and boys) should have something in their wardrobe that they can look back at when they’re older and think, ‘man, my parents were cool’. I never want my niece to think that she can’t like something because it’s for boys and she likes to wear dresses.

This is the fabric that inspired me because her dad loves Star Wars.  And you know what doesn’t exist (or is at least not easily found)? Girly Star Wars crap for little girls (instead of skin tight R2D2 dresses).


This is the dress and her wearing it over her jeans – cause that’s how she rolls.

dress in dress

It’s the dress that started it all. And once a week, you’ll get to see new things as I make them.


Stay Weird

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