Wearable Wednesday – Girls are Super

Over the weekend, I was chatting with some girlfriends about being seen as girly. A couple of us tend towards skirts and dresses as the major part of our wardrobe. I literally only own like three pairs of pants, but I have an entire closet of skirts and dresses. When people see this, they assume it means we are girly-girls. You know the stereotype I mean – high maintenance, nitpicky, naggy, girls. But neither of us are, we just like to dress the way we like to dress. And that usually involves something that swirls around the knees. It takes nothing away from the fact that we are both strong, professional women.

And when we want to wear something brand related (team, tv show, movie, whatever), we don’t want to wear the pink version of it. The pink version is not the same! It’s saying that girls are inherently different enough that we won’t want the original. It points out that we are different from the ‘real’ fans. We’re not allowed to wear the strong distinct colours people know. We get the faded pink and white lines that contain no strength. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like pink. I own a lot of pink. But I’m not going to where a pink Superman logo. I’m going to wear the blue and red and yellow one.

Comics get a bad rap for the way they represent the female figure (and yes, that is a discussion to be had, just not here), but there are some pretty rad female superheroes that give girls an opportunity to embrace their inner strength without having to be made into the softer focus version. Which brings us to this week’s dress. My niece is four and man does she love pink and purple! So, obviously I don’t want the pink one, but when I was looking for fabric, I found this amazing female superhero fabric with a lot of purples running through it. And yellows. I love yellow! I get to combine the two of them and make something rad? Excellent.

Here’s the fabric- it’s amazing. I went back to the store the other day to pick up some more and it was all gone. It was a sad day for me.


Here’s the dress. It does not photograph as well as it looks in person. My niece loves it. It was her school picture and easter dress this year.

dress2 in dress2

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