Top Ten Tuesday – All Time Favourite Authors

This is a near impossible list to put together. My favourites are always changing, or at least adapting, as I discover new authors or as my tastes change. Or what mood I’m in when I put the list together. As we all know, I’ve been in a pretty bleak reading mood lately, so most of these authors write stuff that hurts. This is my list today.
RowlingJ.K. Rowling

This is not because of Harry Potter, or at least not entirely. I just really love her writing style. YA, adult, mystery, fantasy, doesn’t matter. I love the way she writes, and that definitely pus her near the top of my list.


Lewis Carroll

I love the Alice books. Their writing holds a quality that makes them timeless.


Brenna Yovanoff

Haunting. That’s what her novels are. Totally damn haunting.


Courtney Summers

New to my list of authors, Summers will probably live here for a long time. She captures the pain of being a teenager better than any other writer I’ve ever read.


Gillian Flynn

I am constantly waiting for Flynn’s next book to come out. She sucks the reader into dark, complex worlds with ease and doesn’t let you go until she’s done.


Stieg Larsson

They better not eff up this fourth book. Larsson develops amazing characters.


Jeanette Winterson

Winterson is lyrical in a way I cannot accurately describe. You just have to read her words. They are beautiful.


David Levithan

He tells YA in all these different styles. He’s great. Really.


Tana French

Such as great writer. She takes what could be genre fiction and turns it from typical to invoking and, let’s be honest, depressing.


Julian Barnes

I don’t typically like short stories, but Barnes has a way of getting me.

Who made your list?


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