Wearable Wednesday – Over the Rainbow

I love fabric shopping. It’s second only to book shopping. The feel of fabric in your fingers. The excitement of finding that gem hidden in the rows of bolts. Matching zippers and threads. Like my books, I also smell my fabric. I don’t know why. It’s just a thing. I smell the things I love. For licensed products, I typically shop online – even though it takes away a lot of the fun – because it’s kind of difficult to find a good selection of licensed fabric in Canada. Also, because it’s far more cost efficient to order online. Licensed fabric is typically $20/meter at my ‘discount’ store. I found this adorable Wizard of Oz fabric on my online site that I was very excited to order. I put all my information in. I picked everything I wanted. I hit confirm order and get the dreaded pop up – ‘one of your selected items does not ship outside of the continental United States’. I see rage when this happens. Like red rage. But only for a brief moment. Then I take a deep breath and go pick out something else. But with this fabric, I was really disappointed.

As I’ve mentioned before, my dress making passion started with making dresses for my niece. My sister’s favourite movie is The Wizard of Oz. Like favourite favourite movie. And my niece’s birthday was coming up, so I was really hoping to make a little Oz dress for her. Bah. Why don’t you ship here! So, I’m wandering the fabric store one day and I stumble across a different, but equally cute Oz fabric. And it’s on sale! $13/meter! I bought a couple meters and found a new pattern to try and hurried home. Several weeks later, I finally got around to putting it together. I usually keep my sister in the loop when I’m making the dresses, but this one I wanted to keep as a surprise. When I finally showed it to her, she almost cried. And then I laughed and did the I made you cry dance, cause I’m that kind of sister. But my niece and my sister love the dress.

Here’s the awesome fabric:


This was the least exciting dress on the hanger. It has almost no hanger appeal. But it’s one of the most adorable when it’s actually on.

dress3 in dress3


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