Top Ten Tuesday – You Can Figure It Out

This week’s list is super open. Pick a quality you like, find ten characters/books that fit. I’m picking characters with good detecting skills. I love me a good crime novel. Something that I have to figure out along with the characters. A mystery/treasure hunt gets the blood pumping.

I’m going to stick to pretty modern novels in this list. No obvious winners like Sherlock Holmes or Nick and Nora Charles or Encyclopedia Brown. These are characters that use their detectiviness to solve whatever it is they need to solve – even if that means ruffling the feathers of the people around them.


Frank Mackey – Dublin Murder Squad Series (Tana French)

Frank’s a dick, but he’s a hell of a cop. He shows up in at least three of the five books in this series.


The Mars Family – Veronica Mars Series (Rob Thomas)

Can I say again how glad I am that a series of books came out of this tv show? Now I get to include it in so many lists! I can’t let Veronica take all the credit though. Keith is a badass crime solver.


Lacey Flint – Lacey Flint Series (S.J. Bolton)

This girl gets herself into loads of trouble, but she solves/commits a crime or two while doing it. She’s not a very likable character, but her stories are sure fun to read – especially Dead Scared


Mikael Blomkvist – The Millennium Trilogy – soon to be Quartet! (Stieg Larsson)

Not all people with good detecting skills are in law enforcement. Blomkvist is a journalist. He’s so amazing at figuring stuff out, especially the mystery in the first book.


Kay Scarpetta – Kay Scarpetta Series (Patricia Cornwell)

For the first tenish books of this series, Kay was amazing. The later books in the series lost their flare, but the initial books were awesome. She was a bad ass lady solving crime and holding down a really important job. This wasn’t that easy to find during the 90s.


Ash Henderson – Birthdays for the Dead (Stuart MacBride)

Henderson is one of those detectives in relentlessly dark books that does absolutely everything wrong. Not like gets stuff wrong but breaks so many rules in order to solve his case, you’re not sure how to feel about him.


Myfanwy Thomas – The Checquy Files (Daniel O’Malley)

I had to include one paranormal detective in this list. And one with amnesia is even better.


Wade Watts – Ready Player One (Ernest Cline)

A different kind of detecting. Wade weaves his way through clues in a virtual setting in order to get to the ‘treasure’. A super fun read, especially for 80’s/90’s gamers (which I wasn’t, but I was around a bunch of them).


Flavia de Luce – Flavia de Luce Series (Alan Bradley)

She’s rad. Just rad. Also, like ten or something. Go read the books. Do it. And appreciate their covers.


Thursday Next – Thursday Next Series (Jasper Fforde)

I admit I’ve only read The Eyre Affair, but this book is so strange, and so full of literary references, that I can’t help but love it. And as for detecting skills, Next has got some.

Do you have any favourite detectivey characters?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – You Can Figure It Out

    • I’ve loved mystery novels since I was a kid, so crime novels are a natural segue. Hopefully, you’ll find something on this list you like 🙂

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