Wearable Wednesday – Don’t Trust the Numbers

I am a person who sews from patterns. I make no apologies for this. I am not experienced enough to just make up patterns – unless it’s like a crazy simple a-line dress. And have you ever tried to draft a sleeve? It’s a nightmare. For real. I do not get the math behind it. I have mad respect for all these Project Runway people. Maybe this’ll change when I’ve been doing this for more than a couple months, but for right now, this is where I am. So, what does this have to do with today’s Wearable Wednesday? Well, sometimes, patterns lead you astray. You follow the designated lines and cut the pattern to the correct size. And you trust that you are making a dress that will fit a certain size.

I found this super cute pattern to make these little summer dresses. I pressed out the filmy, annoying pattern paper. Cut it out on the size 4 lines. Press out one of the raddest fabrics I’ve purchased. Pinned and cut and assembled and proceeded to make a couple dresses – one for each of the different sleeve options. These are some of the cutest dresses I’ve made. Like as I’m making them I’m actually saying ‘this is so adorable. And they are – on the hanger. They look rad. Everyone who sees them seems to love them. The second dress I made wasn’t even for my niece. Someone I’m not related to actually wanted one for their daughter. This was super exciting for me.

So, I deliver said dresses but didn’t get to see them when they were on. Then the messages arrived – the dresses are way too big, can we take them in? The answer is obviously yes. Of course I’ll take it in. But holy man, who sized this thing? It’s ridiculous. Now I’m trying to figure out what size to actually call this stupid, but adorable, pattern. I guess sizing conventions aren’t just the problem of adults…

Here’s the adorable fabric. Seriously, My Little Pony is so popular. This fabric gets so many compliments. I bought yards of it and I’m probably going to have to buy more. It’s just so cute.


Here are the two dresses. Hanging on hangers. Looking frigging adorable.

Dress4-1 Dress4-2

Now here they are on actual size four kids… All the dresses I’ve posted so far are a size four (except the Oz dress – that one’s a size 5…). These are clearly not the right size. Look how miserable my niece is. She didn’t even want to put the dress on. She’s so upset it’s almost cute. She loves MLP so much that for her to look this unhappy is quite a feat.

in dress4-1 in dress4-2

I don’t have pictures with the alterations yet, but when I do, I might have to post them for a comparison. On the pink dress, I ended up taking 4” off each strap and a couple inches on each side.

May 11 update – The blue dress has finally been adjusted and one little girl is in a much better mood.

pony dress revised


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