Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ll Probably Never Get Around to Reading

There are a lot of great books out there. Too many to ever actually read all of them. My TBR list is gigantic. And there are so many genres I have no interest in. And yet, I still have a hard time saying I’ll never read a book. I used to say that about Ender’s Game, and now it’s one of my favourite books. I can’t say never. Sometimes, I’ll read something just to prove I was right not to want to read it (ie – Fifty Shades of Grey).

That being said, this would be an easy cop out list. I could pick ten random books from the chick lit genre and be done with it, but what fun is that. So, I’m going to pick ten YA books that have either been recommended to me or are super popular. A chunk of these are books I’ve started and decided that I’m just never going to actually read them. Or I’ve read the first book in the series and know I won’t read the rest. Some of them, I don’t really know why I don’t think I’ll read them; I’m just pretty sure I won’t.

I also feel like this week’s list is just a way to anger people who love their books. I know I’ve looked at a couple of the lists out today and some of the never reads have shocked me. So, please no yelling. If you think I should really give one of these a try – give me a reason beyond ‘it’s good’.

These are the books I have reasons for not reading.


The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – People keep recommending this book to me. I keep trying to read it. I keep stopping before I hit page twenty. I even tried the audiobook – and I’m much more forgiving with those – and I didn’t make it through the first disc.


Clockwork Angel (or anything else by Cassandra Clare) – read the first four books of the Mortal Instruments series. I don’t know why. I think because I’d asked for the first three (when there were only three) for Christmas and felt like I needed to read them all, even though I didn’t love the first one. Then the fourth one came out and I figured I would finish the series. And then more and more books just kept coming out. I will not be reading anymore.


The rest of The Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini – everyone in my family loves these books. I saw the movie and was underwhelmed, but I figured I’d give the books a shot. How can everyone in my family be so wrong? I guess it’s just another confirmation that my family and I are sometimes very different. I was not interested in reading beyond the first book.


The rest of The Selection series by Kiera Cass – it’s just so… typical and predictable. There was no need to finish the first book (even though I did) and there’s definitely no need to read any of the following books.

And these are the books that keep coming up on the radar but I don’t want to read. I have no idea why; I just don’t want to.


Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan


Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor


Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi


The Knife of Letting Go by Patrick Ness


7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’ll Probably Never Get Around to Reading

  1. I understand why The Raven Boys may put you off. The book is very slow paced and a hundred pages in I got frustrated and almost gave up reading it. However, I forced myself to finish it and surprisingly it got better (mostly at the end) and can’t wait for the last book to come out. Hopefully you will give it another chance someday.

  2. The Raven Boys gets better over time, and as the series goes on. I had The Selection on my list too and The Mortal Instruments series. I doubt I’ll read Anna and The French Kiss either.
    I love Percy Jackson, I love Greek mythology and it’s a really good modern take, I think it’s really funny and the stories are really entertaining but this is just my opinion, I hope you give it a chance one day (but I can understand if you don’t).
    My TTT:

    • Ah, that would be why I’m not interested in Percy Jackson. I have very little interest in Greek mythology. I noticed on your list that there’s a Norse mythology series. That one I might check out.

      • I got into PJ because my son wanted to read it, and I wasn’t sure if it was age appropriate so I read the Lightening Thief first. Since then I’ve read them all. No interest in his Kane Chronicles series, though. The Norse series is beginning this fall. I believe it will have a connection to PJ just as the Heroes of Olympus (featuring Roman gods) did.

  3. Great list! I agree – there are so many books, one can never read them all. You just have to pick and choose what is the best for you. No sense in reading something you don’t like.

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