Wearable Wednesday – All Hail the Bell Sleeve

Okay, so last week I talked about the pink thing. The pinkification of iconography to make it accessible to girls. However, sometimes, pink is just the way it is. Pink doesn’t have to be terrible. As long as it embraces its power. Just shouts ‘I’m pink, damn it. So what?’ And pink comes into play a lot with Disney material. And yes, there are serious issues with the way Disney presents its female characters – especially in the way they are drawn. But, I’m a Disney girl. I don’t love everything Disney (I do not get the Frozen craze – there will be no Frozen dresses here), but I love a lot of it. So, I’ll keep watching stuff and knowing, as an adult, that there are flaws. And talking to the kids in my life about reality versus fiction.

My niece love, love, loves Disney. She’s realized that her name is the same as one of the princesses. Occasionally, she refers to herself by her princess name. We sometimes refer to her as Princess Pricklepants when she’s being particularly feisty. She is quick to correct you with her real princess name. So, sometimes, I’m going to make her Disney dresses. And when I find a fabric that includes my favourite Disney villain, I’m going to buy it and make sure that character is front and centre on a dress.

There’s not too much to say about this dress. I found an adorable fabric. I had a pattern I’d already made. I decided to add some cute bell sleeves. There was this movie I saw when I was a kid – not Disney, more along the lines of The Last Unicorn style animation. There was this woman who lives in these tents underwater and she had this dress with these gorgeous bell sleeves. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with them since. Not that I wear them or anything, I just love the way they look. I have no idea what this cartoon was called. I think about it all the time with the hopes that someday the name will pop into my head. But back to this dress. My niece adores anything with pockets. She loves to jam her hands in as far as she can. It’s incredibly cute. This dress is a tiny bit too big, but it’s meant for cooler weather anyway. So, by the time autumn rolls around, it will fit perfectly.

Found this fabric. It has Maleficent on it. I bought it immediately. And it’s so pink, it’s awesome. There’s nothing shy about this colour.


And she is such a typical girl in some ways – pink and purple are her favourite colours. They were the perfect colour combination for this dress.

dress7 in dress 7


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