Wearable Wednesday – Avengers Assemble

If you haven’t been living under a pop culture rock for the last several years, you know that The Avengers are kind of a big thing. Movies. Games. Comics. Figurines. Clothes. So much stuff. It’s everywhere. It’s near impossible to go anywhere this summer without being able to find something Avengers related. But with one giant gap identified – missing Black Widow. Where is she in the merchandise? Honestly… she’s a strong female character and it’s nearly impossible to find her in any of the merch. I know that sounds like I’ve found a resolution for this conundrum, but nope – that’s not true. None of the fabrics have BW on them. Literally, none of them. So, instead I bought this rad fabric that combines the more stylized characters with old comic book style. It includes more than just Avengers though. Wolverine and the Silver Surfer make an appearance. Let’s be honest though, I know so little about comics that I don’t know if this is a future incarnation of the Avengers. Maybe it’s just Marvel stuff? Spiderman’s in there too. Who knows. Please forgive my comic ignorance.

Even without Black Widow, this is one of my favourite fabrics to look at. However, the pattern is so intense, you have to actually take the time to think about where to cut the pattern pieces from and how they will fit together. I know you’re supposed to do this with all patterns, but, in a lot of the ones I use the patterns can’t lineup, so I don’t really worry about it. The mash of colours usually hides any weird pattern lines. However, this one has such large pictures that I had to be a little more specific with placement. And I was able to put in this adorable little pocket on the front that lined up so well, it’s not immediately visible. It was just one of those moments where something worked out exactly the way I wanted it to – sewing win! This was made better by being able to cut the pocket fabric from a remnant so I didn’t have to slice into the remaining solid fabric piece.

Thor shows up like a gazillion times on this fabric, so I love that I was able to get Hulk front and centre on the bodice. The other guys get lots of time. If only we could have a little Black Widow. This is another dress without a home. Hopefully, I’ll find a little girl that wants to own it.

The fabric:


The Front and the Back – I don’t normally show the back, but I love that the Marvel logo fit so well on the back of the bodice.



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