Free For All Friday – Pride & Writing

I don’t typically talk about my other blog on this one. The one where I do the writing instead of the reviewing. But honestly, how is an unpublished author ever going to get their stuff out there if they just hope that people will stumble across it? And hey, it’s Friday and on Fridays I can do whatever I want. Hell, I can do whatever I want on any day of the week. Also, today starts Pride week in town. I remember the first time I went to the pride parade here. It was me and two of my roommates. It was cold and rainy and pretty dreary. The parade was so small that it was only about four – five blocks long and only one side of the street was shut down for the parade. It was business as usual on the other side. We were confronted by religious zealots trying to save us by using their children. Slowly it’s gone from that day to an entire week to this year’s crazy festivities and rainbow painted sidewalks.

That got me thinking about pride – not the event but the action. Pride has so many negative connotations. Being prideful is looked down on. In the hierarchy of the seven deadly, pride is the king of the float. It’s the topper. More than wrath or avarice or anything. Pride is the thing that is supposed to make us feel the most shame. But if we’re never proud, how can we ever truly be ourselves. To know who we are as people if we’re not proud of the things we’re good at. Things that make us feel like ourselves. As long as it’s not out of control cockiness, pride is something we should all have. If you’re not proud of yourself, how can you ever expect anyone else to be?

And with that, we circle back to my first sentence. My other blog. It’s bring both of these topics together. My writing is something I’ve proud of. There’s also a novel about an lgbt relationship. Pride/pride. So, if you’re maybe looking for something to read this pride season (or any other time), and you like young adult reading, maybe you want to go check it out. Or not. The choice is yours. The link’s below.

Desperately Waiting

Wanting is different from knowing. The collision of those two instincts can change a person’s life. That’s what’s happening for Quinn and Stevie. They want each other so much, but can’t face the stigma in their small Alberta town. So, they keep their longings quiet. They must wait. Wait until they’re free of the confines and the small minds. But Stevie is done with waiting. She knows that this girl is more than just a want. More than just a moment. She won’t wait any longer. And with Stevie’s decision to step forward, Quinn must find it in herself to stop waiting and start knowing.


Stay Weird

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