Throwback Thursday – Barbapapa

There was a lot of strange children’s programing on when I was a kid. I suppose there probably is now as well, but I have no reason to watch it. When I’m around my niece and nephews, I make them do things other than watch tv. And if we decide to watch something, we watch what I want to watch. Cause you know, I am the boss of them. One of my favourite shows to watch as a kid is one that almost no one else I talk to has ever heard of. I did a simple, ‘does anyone know what these are’ today at work and the answer was resounding silence. No one I work with has ever heard of Barbapapa… what!? Craziness.

My siblings and I used to watch this all the time. I remember it being on quite early in the morning. Knowing who I am now, I don’t know why I used to get up that early. Grown up me loves sleeping. Kid me was obsessed with people that could make things out of play-doh. I loved playing with it, but I was terrible at making things. I would get these grandiose ideas in my head of what I could make and then I would try to translate it from my brain to the dough… Essentially, my entire childhood building life was a giant pinterest fail. So, what does this have to do with this throwback? Well, for those of you who also don’t know, the Barbapapas were this family of blobs who could mould their bodies into whatever shape they needed to be to get shit done. They were a family that worked well together. They were essentially cartoon play-doh. I thought they were so cool! Also, the mom and dad kind of reminded me of my mom and dad.

This is a French cartoon but I watched it in English. I didn’t even know it wasn’t an English show until I was an adult.  Discovering that Barbapapa is from the French word for cotton candy was a really exciting moment for me. I remember it probably too vividly for the actual importance of the event. I remember being at some carnival/festival thing and I’d bought a bag of cotton candy – which I never do, that stuff is way too sweet. I looked down at the French, saw the name and grabbed her arm in excitement. Since she was one of those people who had never heard of the show, she had zero idea why I was freaking out. It was a sad moment to be on my own.

Finding an English version of the show online has proved near impossible for the minutes I’m willing to dedicate to searching. So first, here’s the theme song in English so you know what I sing in my head from time to time – especially the name listing.

And here’s the French so you can see the animation.


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