Wearable Wednesday – You Can’t Wear This (do do do do, do do, do do)

Today’s post is not a wearable thing, but so what. It’s made with fabric and it’s fun. And it proves that not all pinterest ideas are total disasters. A couple weeks ago, my sister found a picture of this colouring portfolio with slots for paper, crayons, and whatnot. It was pretty cute, but not exactly what she was looking for. Also, it was grey – which is fine but a little boring for the kids. And why buy something if you have someone who can make it for you. So, she asked me if I thought I could make some. Meh, I’ll give anything a try once. We talked about fabric. She looked at some things she wanted to order. But hey, I’ve got a lot of fabric. And this looks like an amazing way to utilize some of the garbage in my box of remnants. I can really feel my hoarding gene kick into high gear when I’m throwing away fabric at the end of a project. More goes in this box than probably should.

I’ve also got a million miles of this Doctor Who fleece (I super hate fleece. It’s the devil, guys.) – make sure you look at what type of fabric you’re ordering before 4 meters of fleece shows up on your doorstep and you have to figure out where to store it. And I’ve got left over sheets of felt. I am allergic to felt. It makes me an itchy, hivey disaster. This was bought for a project for a baby shower. I figured I would pretty much never use it. I can only touch it for short periods of time (sewing in gloves is not an option) or I suffer. I wanted to get rid of this stuff a long time ago, but that hoarding gene I was talking about – cannot throw away something that is perfectly good and usable. I suppose I could have given it away, but that didn’t happen and it’s worked out in my favour. Felt has a stiffer quality that will hold these books together without making them hard to manage. When they’re empty, you can just be roll ’em up and tuck it away for later.

Now, the lack of an internal structure (cardboard or something) does mean that when these are full, the structure changes a little bit, but that’s totally personal preference. We’ll see how they stand up to the wear and tear of a bunch of kids under ten. I’m almost done making these. I’ve got one more to complete before the weekend. These things are actually kind of fun to make, but they are super time consuming. Be warned if you want to make your own.

The lens on my camera just keeps getting worse. Photos are getting blurrier and blurrier. A new camera is in my near future! Apologies. Everything on the right side of the photos is blurry as crap. It is what it is.

The fleece on this one makes it so huggable. I wasn’t going to add any trim but then I did on the second book and it looks so much cleaner. I’m going to go back to this one and add it, but I haven’t done it yet.


I used random supplies I had around the house to fill this. It will be getting a refresh of new supplies and a new pad of paper before it goes anywhere.

book1crayons book1pc

This one just uses regular fabric instead of fleece. it looks a lot cleaner, but isn’t as sturdy as the thicker fabric.


I didn’t fill this one. I knew I would just need to empty it. And I was lazy. But it looks pretty rad. Honestly, I want to make one of these for my personal use.


Stay Weird

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