Wearable Wednesday – Baby, Baby, Baby

I decided to venture into smaller sizes recently. Part of this decision was based on how adorable the patterns looked. Part was based on the fact that I picked up a new pattern that went as small as size 1. Part was because I had a lot of pieces of fabric that were too small for larger pieces, but I didn’t want them to go to waste. Baby dresses are so cute. And so much faster to make than the larger sizes. So, I dug through the boxes of fabric and started putting things together. It’s basically all I’ve done for a couple weeks now. Sew. Sew. Sew. I’m starting to build a stockpile to eventually take to some kind of market. Maybe someone will want to dress their kids in these.

I love playing with fabrics and trying to mix fabrics in fun and functional ways. Honestly, I don’t think a one year old needs pockets, but come one, teeny, tiny pockets? So cute.

Space baby! It’s never too early for space travel.


This girl power fabric is one of my favourites. And it’s no longer available. I had tiny pieces left. I love the way this turned out.

super girls

The Walking Dead isn’t my kind of show (I keep trying guys. I also keep stopping), but this fabric is awesome. And ruffled zombies? Okay.

Walking Dead

Books! All the books! And the teeny tiny pockets I was talking about. I love the way this fabric laid out for this dress. It almost looks like you can feel to books.


Stay Weird

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