Wearable Wednesday – Vests!

I am a teen of the 90s. We were many things – the last generation to have to call a house phone and just hope that your friends showed up where and when they were supposed to. The ones who went to the school library or the internet café to check our email with the hopes that our friends had gotten on the same page. Grunge. Angst. We didn’t create it all, but we sure did embrace it.

Some of our fashion was awesome (dresses and combat boots and plaid or just all the girls from The Craft).


Some was questionable (remember Kriss Kross – not just the backwards clothes, but also the obsession with baseball jerseys).

Some was just plain terrible (this blue tiedye midriff sateen top Buffy wore… actually, just reference this buzzfeed list).


But one of the trends I remember most vividly is vests. Like a lot of vests. And not the good, flowy, awesome vests. The structured, form fitting things most commonly associated with floral patterns or horse/western wear. They usually buttoned in the front. Awful. But I had a bunch. And I’m kind of nostalgic for them from time to time. Whatever I know think of those school picture choices with vests and ruffled collars and chokers, I have to admit, vests for toddlers are freaking adorable. They are also an excellent way to use weird pieces of fabric left over from other pattern cutting.

So, a couple weeks ago, I sat down and made a bunch of reversible vests. I now want to vest all the children. Then they will be able to look back one day and wonder what the person that dressed them was thinking.

Good Fairy / Evil Fairy

vest 3-1vest 3-2

The Donna – vest edition

Vest 4-1 Vest 4-2

Crazy Animals Everywhere

vest 5-1 vest 5-2


Stay Weird

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