Wearable Wednesday – It’s Black It’s White

I am a colour girl. I like all things colourful. My favourite colour is orange. Not a rusty hue either. That bright, fruity orange. My wardrobe is jampacked with colour. My tights are bright enough that a city bus driver once scolded me because I wasn’t wearing a pair and she liked to start her morning with my colour injection (It was a million degrees. It was no day for tights). When I volunteer at events that require you to wear black (that isn’t in the form of stripes), I have a very hard time finding anything to wear. And kids’ clothing is full of colour. You can always see the girls section of the clothing store from aisles away. When I pull out my fabrics, it’s like a rainbow of awesome.

But sometimes, just sometimes, black and white is the way to go. The stark contrast. The ridiculous, but adorable, decision to put children in white. I’ve made several monochromatic dresses lately. Some driven by fabric options. Some driven by challenges.

I found some awesome Star Trek fabric when I was on vacation last month. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever looked for Star Trek fabric, but most of it is terrible. Like this (not the nice yellow one in the upper right). All I can find at my stores are these ones with these terrible graphics. They look even cheaper in person than in this picture.


But I finally found some nice stuff. I was excited! I am a fan of the Trek. It’s nice to make something for the other Star fans. It worked well together to make a lovely dress with adorable pockets.

star trekStar Trek

And then in my random shelve searching, I found this Marvel fabric. It includes other characters! It includes Black Widow! And an African American super hero! I think he’s called The Falcon. There are some other people I don’t even know. I’ve ranted before about Black Widow’s absence from other Marvel fabrics. I was excited to find this bolt. It’s lovely. I decided to make it into a dress. I’m not sure how I feel about this pattern. It’s adorable in the smaller sizes (see the above Star Trek dress), but in the larger sizes I’m just not sure.

Marvel b&w

I usually only make things based on pattern, but sometimes, you have to expand. I was asked if I could make an Imperial Storm Trooper dress. I’m going to admit that it took me a minute to figure out what he was asking for. I’m terrible at Star Wars. Really. My descriptions usually go something like ‘you know, the guy in the cloak. the old one’. The Imperial part of the request was throwing me off, but don’t panic – I do know what a storm trooper is. They’re adorable. Not Ewok adorable, but still pretty cute. So, I took the challenge and decided to see what I could do. Storm Troopers are so frowny.

Storm trooper


Stay Weird

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