Top Ten Tuesday – Automatic for the People

Okay, I like doing lists, but I’m starting to have a bit of a problem with the TTT topics. They’re beginning to feel repetitive. Authors I own the most books from. Authors I read the most. And now, auto-buy authors. By nature, these lists are going to be pretty similar. If I own a lot of books by someone, I’m probably going to read a lot of their books, and eventually, they’re going to be an auto-buy (I’m using auto-buy to mean that I know I will eventually buy these books, not that I will always buy them before I read them. Rowling is the only one whose books I currently pre-order). Maybe this isn’t as much of a problem when you have multiple blog submitters, but when pulling from just one person’s preferences… well, here’s a list you’ve pretty much read before. I don’t actually have ten authors, so I’ve added a couple that I want to be on this list but I just haven’t gotten around reading all their books yet, so they haven’t quite made it onto my go-to list.

I’ve added a link to the next available book from the author. For those without scheduled releases, I’ve included anthologies.


J.K. Rowling – Cause she’s amazing. I love everything she writes (even those middle Harry Potter books that needed another content edit).


Gillian Flynn – I love her style. Love it.


Courtney Summers – Gritty. Dark and gritty. It’s YA perfection.

Steve Brezenoff – For the male perspective on YA.

(Both of these authors are in this anthology – yay!)


Brenna Yovanoff – This lady writes mood like no one else.


Tana French – Modern mystery writing at its finest.

The authors who will eventually make the cut when I get my head out of my ass.


Daniel O’Malley – He only has one book out. I own it. I am very impatiently waiting for the next book to be released. I feel like the date keeps moving.


Libba Bray – The Diviners is on the list. Beauty Queens was awesome. But, I just haven’t been able to get into the Gemma Doyle series.


Jasper Fforde – I’ve only read The Erye Affair. I loved it. I bought it. When I get around to reading the next one, I’m sure I’ll buy it as well.


Alan Bradley – Flavia is a freaking delightful character. I actually don’t know why I haven’t read the rest of the series.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Automatic for the People

  1. Nice REM reference in the title! Alan Bradley is definitely on my auto-buy list, but I always wait to buy until the book is released in trade paperback because I like my books to match. Since they are usually released around Christmas, reading Flavia de Luce mysteries has become my Christmas tradition. Otherwise I don’t really have any authors I automatically buy. This seems strange to me considering the size of my personal library. Bands on the other hand…

    • I knew you would recognize the reference.
      I’m using Autobuy in in the loosest of terms. These are books I will eventually definitely buy. Rowling’s Galbraith novels are my only auto-buys. And I only do that because I can usually get a super deal on the hardcover copy on pre-order.

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